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DAI YUNLU Assistant Professor
Title : Assistant Professor
Institute: Faculty of Health Sciences
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Our group research interest mainly focuses on the nanomaterials for targeted delivery of anticancer therapeutics and multimodal biological imaging (X-ray computed tomography, optical imaging, magnetic resonance imaging and photoacoustic imaging, etc). We aim to develop inorganic nanomaterials and nanoscale coordination materials for gene and drug delivery, immunotherapy and biological imaging. In particular, we are working on designing and preparing multi-functional nanomaterials for enhanced anticancer therapy by exploiting the tumor microenvironment. We are also developing promising nanodrugs for clinical translation.


2018-08_今 University of Macau Faculty of Health Sciences Assistant Professor
2016-09_2018-07 National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA National Institute of Biomedic Postdoc Fellow
2014-10_2016-09 The University of Melbourne, Australia The University of Melbourne, A Research Fellow
2014-06_2014-10 Harbin Engineering University, China Harbin Engineering University, Lecturer

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