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On some separated algorithms for separable nonlinear least squares problems Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 2018,Volume: 48,Issue: 10,Page: 2866-2874
Authors:  Gan M.;  Chen C.L.P.;  Chen G.-Y.;  Chen L.
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Data fitting  Jacobian approximation  parameter estimation  separable nonlinear least squares problems  variable projection (VP)  
On Some Separated Algorithms for Separable Nonlinear Least Squares Problems Journal article
IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CYBERNETICS, 2018,Volume: 48,Issue: 10,Page: 2866-2874
Authors:  Gan, Min;  Chen, C. L. Philip;  Chen, Guang-Yong;  Chen, Long
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Data fitting  Jacobian approximation  parameter estimation  separable nonlinear least squares problems  variable projection (VP)  
An investigation on kinematics and dynamics performance of a novel 3-PRC-compliant parallel micromanipulator Journal article
Authors:  Li, Xiang-Chun;  Li, Yangmin;  Ding, Bing-Xiao;  Xu, Hong-Ye
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3-PRC  secondary lever amplifier  kinematics  dynamics  
Kinematics analysis of a novel over-constrained three degree-of-freedom spatial parallel manipulator Journal article
Mechanism and Machine Theory, 2016,Volume: 104,Page: 222
Authors:  Li B.;  Li Y.;  Zhao X.
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Kinematic analysis  Spatial parallel manipulators  Workspace analysis  
An inexact Cayley transform method for inverse eigenvalue problems with multiple eigenvalues Journal article
Inverse Problems, 2015,Volume: 31,Issue: 8
Authors:  Shen W.P.;  Li C.;  Jin X.Q.
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Inexact Cayley Transform Method  Inverse Eigenvalue Problem  Nonlinear Equation  
Kinematic analysis of a novel 3-CRU translational parallel mechanism Journal article
Mechanical Sciences, 2015,Volume: 6,Issue: 1,Page: 57
Authors:  Li B.;  Li Y.M.;  Zhao X.H.;  Ge W.M.
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Hybrid stability checking method for synchronization of chaotic fractional-order systems Journal article
Abstract and Applied Analysis, 2014,Volume: 2014
Authors:  Lao S.-K.;  Tam L.-M.;  Chen H.-K.;  Sheu L.-J.
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An Ulm-like method for inverse singular value problems Journal article
SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications, 2011,Volume: 32,Issue: 2,Page: 412-429
Authors:  Vong S.-W.;  Bai Z.-J.;  Jin X.-Q.
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Inverse Singular Value Problem  Newton Method  Ulm-like Method  
A note on the Ulm-like method for inverse eigenvalue problems Book chapter
出自: Recent Advances in Scientific Computing and Matrix Analysis:Higher Education Press, 2011
Authors:  Zheng-jian Bai;  Xiao-qing Jin
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Inverse Eigenvalue Problem  Ulm-like Method  Inexact Newton-like Method  
Criteria of dynamic voltage stability based on wavelet transform Journal article
Dianli Xitong Zidonghua/Automation of Electric Power Systems, 2008,Volume: 32,Issue: 5,Page: 24-28
Authors:  Wong C.K.;  Lu C.;  Li L.;  Han Y.
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Phasor measurement unit (PMU)  Transmission limitation  Voltage stability  Wavelet transform