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Optimism-driven Decisions of Real Estate Developers under Demand Uncertainty Journal article
JOURNAL OF REAL ESTATE RESEARCH, 2018,Volume: 40,Issue: 2,Page: 267-308
Authors:  Xu, Rui-hui;  Lai, Rose Neng
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Optimism  Demand Uncertainty  Heterogeneous Beliefs  Real Estate Developers  
Construction and Sale Decisions of Real Estate Developers Under Heterogeneous Beliefs Conference paper
Proceedings of 2016 Annual Conference of Global Chinese Real Estate Congress, Hangzhou, China, 2016-01
Authors:  Nicole Xu;  Rose Neng Lai
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Uncertainty  Heterogeneous Beliefs  Real Estate Developer  Optimism  
Presales, "Overbuilding" and "Overpricing" Conference paper
Proceedings of The 12th Asian Real Estate Society (AsRES) Annual Conference and The 2007 AREUEA International Conference, University of Macau, Macau, China, 2007.07.09
Authors:  Su H. Chan;  Jing Yang;  Rose Neng Lai
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Stickiness of rental rates and developers' option exercise strategies Conference paper
JOURNAL OF REAL ESTATE FINANCE AND ECONOMICS, Univ Cambridge, Madingley Hall, Cambridge, ENGLAND, JUN, 2005
Authors:  Lai, R.N.;  Wang, K.;  Yang, J.
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Sticky Rents  Overbuilding  Real Options  
Stickiness of Property Rental Rates and Developers' Games Conference paper
Proceedings of the Cambridge-Maastricht Symopsium 2005, Cambridge, UK, June 2005
Authors:  Rose Neng Lai;  Ko Wang
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Sticky Rents  Overbuilding  Real Options