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Hyperthermia induces epileptiform discharges in cultured rat cortical neurons Journal article
Brain Research, 2011,Volume: 1417,Page: 87-102
Authors:  Wang Y.-Y.;  Qin J.;  Han Y.;  Cai J.;  Xing G.-G.
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Cortical neuron  Epileptiform discharge  Febrile seizure  GABA B receptor  Hyperthermia  In vitro  
Electrophysiological correlates of hypothesis evaluation: Revealed with a modified Wason's selection task Journal article
Brain Research, 2011,Volume: 1408,Page: 17-26
Authors:  Xueli Cai;  Fuhong Li;  Yifeng Wang;  Todd Jackson;  Jie Chen;  Lili Zhang;  Hong Li
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Hypothesis Evaluation  Lpc  N2  P3  Wason's Selection Task