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Research progress on the anti-cancer effect and mechanisms of the natural tanshinones Journal article
Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin, 2014,Volume: 30,Issue: 8,Page: 1041-1044
Authors:  Hao W.-H.;  Zhao W.-W.;  Chen X.-P.
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Cancer  Cryptotanshinone  Dihydrotanshinone I  Effect and mechanisms  Progress  Tanshinone I  Tanshinone II A  
Analysis of aldose reductase enzymatic activity by HPLC with fluorescence detector Journal article
Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin, 2012,Volume: 28,Issue: 10,Page: 1472-1475
Authors:  Chen X.-P.;  Shi J.-S.
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Aldose reductase  Fluorescence  HPLC  Kidney  Rats  
Determination of aesculin concentration in rabbit pasma by RP-HPLC with fluorescence detector Journal article
Chinese Pharmacological Bulletin, 2007,Volume: 23,Issue: 4,Page: 552-554
Authors:  Chen X.-P.;  Wang Y.-Y.;  Wang M.;  Wu Q.;  Shi J.-S.;  Du G.-H.
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Aesculin  Pharmacokinetics  RP-HPLC-FLD  
Effects of arsenic trioxide induced the apoptosis of JEC human endometrial adenocarcinoma cell line in vitro Journal article
Chinese Journal of Endemiology, 2006,Volume: 25,Issue: 1,Page: 16-18
Authors:  Xun K.-L.;  Zhang X.-J.;  Long X.-Z.;  Chen X.-P.;  Tan X.-S.
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Apoptosis  Arsenic trioxide  Cells, cultured  Endometrial neoplasms  JEC cell line