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一种从粘稠液体中除去有机溶剂的方法 Patent
专利类型: 发明专利, 专利号: CN100446831C, 申请日期: 2007-09-05,
Authors:  曾嘉铨;  欧阳德方;  张汉利;  宝玉荣
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Hierarchical classification of Web pages using support vector machine Conference paper
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics), Bali, INDONESIA, DEC 02-05, 2008
Authors:  Wang Y.;  Gong Z.
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Hierarchical Classification  Imbalanced Data  Svm  Web Page  
Corporate Governance, Auditor Choice and Auditor Switch: Evidence from China Book
Not Found:VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, 2008
Authors:  Ming Liu
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Corporate Governance  Auditor Choice  Auditor Switch  Chinese Auditing  Market Implications  
The design of web based machine translation server based on grid infrastructure Conference paper
Proceedings - 4th International Conference on Networked Computing and Advanced Information Management, NCM 2008
Authors:  Wong F.;  Leung K.K.
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A power-efficient capacitor structure for high-speed charge recycling SAR ADCs Conference paper
Proceedings of the 15th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems, ICECS 2008, St. Julien's, Malta, 31 Aug.-3 Sept. 2008
Authors:  Zhu Y.;  Chio U.-F.;  Wei H.-G.;  Sin S.-W.;  Upa S.-P.;  Martins R.P.
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Cross sentence alignment based on singular value decomposition Conference paper
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics, ICMLC
Authors:  Ho A.;  Wong F.;  De Oliveira F.;  Li Y.-P.
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Bilingual document alignment  Cross sentence alignment  Segmentation  Singular value decomposition  
Linear and nonlinear causality between changes in consumption and consumer attitudes Journal article
Economics Letters, 2008,Volume: 102,Issue: 3,Page: 161-164
Authors:  Zhuo Qiao;  Michael McAleer;  Wing-Keung Wong
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Consumer Sentiment  Nonlinear Granger Causality  Prediction  Consumer Expectations  Consumption Growth  
Steganography detection using RBFNN Conference paper
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics, ICMLC
Authors:  Chen M.-C.;  Agaian S.S.;  Chen C.L.P.;  Rodriguez B.M.
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Alpha-trimmed mean  Pattern classification  Radial basis function neural networks  Steganalysis  Steganography  
Tetrandrine protects mice from concanavalin A-induced hepatitis through inhibiting NF-κB activation Journal article
Immunology Letters, 2008,Volume: 121,Issue: 2,Page: 127-133
Authors:  Feng D.;  Mei Y.;  Wang Y.;  Zhang B.;  Wang C.;  Xu L.
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Concanavalin A-induced hepatitis  NF-κB  Tetrandrine  
Label-free biomedical imaging with high sensitivity by stimulated raman scattering microscopy Journal article
Science, 2008,Volume: 322,Issue: 5909,Page: 1857-1861
Authors:  Freudiger C.W.;  Min W.;  Saar B.G.;  Lu S.;  Holtom G.R.;  He C.;  Tsai J.C.;  Kang J.X.;  Xie X.S.
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