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Preparation and characterization of compositionally graded epitaxial barium strontium titanate thin films via scanning probe microscopy Conference paper
Key Engineering Materials
Authors:  Lu S.G.;  Chen H.;  Mak C.L.;  Wong K.H.;  Chan H.L.W.;  Choy C.L.;  Xu J.J.;  Shi S.Q.
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Barium strontium titanate  Scanning force microscopy  Thin film  
Effect of dc bias on the Curie-Weiss exponent in 0.76Pb (Mg13 Nb23) O3 -0.24PbTi O3 ferroelectric single crystal Journal article
Applied Physics Letters, 2005,Volume: 86,Issue: 14,Page: 1-3
Authors:  Lu S.G.;  Xu Z.K.;  Chen H.;  Zhao X.Y.;  Luo H.S.;  Wang J.;  Chan H.L.W.;  Choy C.L.
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