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Characterization of MOCVD grown optical coatings of Sc 2 O 3 and Ta-doped SnO 2 Conference paper
Materials Science and Engineering B: Solid-State Materials for Advanced Technology
Authors:  Lee S.W.;  Daga A.;  Xu Z.K.;  Chen H.
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MOCVD  Sc 2 O 3  Ta-doped SnO 2  
Microstructure and optical properties of scandium oxide thin films prepared by metalorganic chemical-vapor deposition Journal article
Applied Physics Letters, 2001,Volume: 79,Issue: 23,Page: 3782-3784
Authors:  Xu Z.;  Daga A.;  Chen H.
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Effects of thickness on the electrical properties of metalorganic chemical vapor deposited Pb(Zr, Ti)O3 (25-100 nm) thin films on LaNiO3 buffered Si Journal article
Journal of Applied Physics, 2001,Volume: 90,Issue: 3,Page: 1509-1515
Authors:  Lin C.H.;  Friddle P.A.;  Ma C.H.;  Daga A.;  Chen H.
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