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The Resultative constructions in English and Chinese: A functional-cognitive analysis Journal article
LINGUISTICS AND THE HUMAN SCIENCES, LINGUISTICS AND THE HUMAN SCIENCES, 2019, 2019,Volume: 13, 13,Issue: 3,Page: 241-263, 241-263
Authors:  Ronald Fong
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Construction  Mental Space  Resultative  Construction  Mental Space  Resultative  
A Cognitive Analysis of Cantonese Motion-Directional Construction and its Implications for Translatio Journal article
Translation Research and Teaching , 2018,Issue: 2,Page: 16-28
Authors:  FONG Ronald
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Motion  Directional  Catenative  Subordination  Event Structure  
Chinese Motion-Directional Construction: A Conceptual and Cognitive Analysis Journal article
Studies in Chinese Linguistics, 2017,Volume: 38,Issue: 2,Page: 119-147
Authors:  Ronald Fong
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Subordination  Directional  Parallel Architecture  Construction  Conceptual Structure  
Chinese as Satellite-framed – a Constructional-cognitive Interpretation Journal article
Cognitive Linguistic Studies, 2016,Volume: 3,Issue: 2,Page: 233 - 258
Authors:  Ronald Fong
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Satellite-framed  Equipollently-framed  Constructionalization  Catenative  Motion-directional Construction  
A Constructional-Cognitive Analysis of Chinese Directionals Journal article
Cognitive Semantics, 2015,Volume: 1,Issue: 1,Page: 104-130
Authors:  Ronald Fong
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Directional  Catenative  Construction  Subordination  Event  
The Chinese ba as a Verb: A Constructional-Cognitive Approach Journal article
Open Journal of Modern Linguistics, 2015,Volume: 5,Issue: 1,Page: 48-64
Authors:  Ronald Fong
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Ba  Gradience  Subordination  Radial Category  Mental Space