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Anharmonic Decay of Sub-THz Coherent Acoustic Phonons in GaN Journal article
Applied Physics Letters, 2007
Authors:  Tzu-Ming Liu;  Shih-Ze Sun;  Chieh-Feng Chang;  Chang-Chi Pan;  Guan-Ting Chen;  Jen-Inn Chyi;  Vitalyi Gusev;  Chi-Kuang Sun
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Resonance-enhanced dipolar interaction between terahertz photons and confined acoustic phonons in nanocrystals Journal article
Applied Physics Letters, 2008,Volume: 92,Issue: 9
Authors:  Liu T.-M.;  Lu J.-Y.;  Chen H.-P.;  Kuo C.-C.;  Yang M.-J.;  Lai C.-W.;  Chou P.-T.;  Chang M.-H.;  Liu H.-L.;  Li Y.-T.;  Pan C.-L.;  Lin S.-H.;  Kuan C.-H.;  Sun C.-K.
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Quantitative photoacoustic tomography: Recovery of optical absorption coefficient maps of heterogeneous media Journal article
Applied Physics Letters, 2006,Volume: 88,Issue: 23
Authors:  Yuan Z.;  Jiang H.
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