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Strange Encounter: Depicting An “Other” Reality for Young Readers Journal article
JOURNAL OF URBAN SOCIETY'S ARTS, 2015,Volume: 2,Issue: 1,Page: 25-34
Authors:  YOU Chengcheng
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Encounter  Reality  
Sooner than Shakespeare: Inwardness and Lexicon in the Drama of Gil Vicente and Antonio Prestes Book chapter
出自: The Reinvention of Theatre in Sixteenth-century Europe: Traditions, Texts and Performance:Legenda - Modern Humanities Research Association, 2015, 页码: 11-26
Authors:  HÉLIO J. S. ALVES
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Reading Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving, or Why Loving Means Giving Nothing Journal article
KRITIKE, 2015,Volume: 9,Issue: 2,Page: 143-160
Authors:  Jeremy De Chavez
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Fromm  Lacan  Psychoanalysis  Love  
"It is Only Watching, Waiting, Attention": Rethinking Love with Alain Badiou and Simone Weil Journal article
KEMANUSIAAN, 2015,Volume: 22,Issue: 2,Page: 93-116
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Alain Badiou  Simone Weil  Love  Continental Philosophy  Waiting  
Portmanteau Constructions, Phrase Structure, and Linearization Journal article
FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY, 2015,Volume: 6,Page: 1-16
Authors:  Brian Hok-Shing Chan
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Code-switching  Portmanteau Construction  Word Order  Phrase Structure  Linearization  
Conversation‐for‐Learning: Institutional Talk Beyond the Classroom Book chapter
出自: The Handbook of Classroom Discourse, Chichester, England:Wiley Blackwell, 2015, 页码: 390-408
Authors:  Gabriele Kasper;  Younhee Kim
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A Constructional-Cognitive Analysis of Chinese Directionals Journal article
Cognitive Semantics, 2015,Volume: 1,Issue: 1,Page: 104-130
Authors:  Ronald Fong
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Directional  Catenative  Construction  Subordination  Event  
The Chinese ba as a Verb: A Constructional-Cognitive Approach Journal article
Open Journal of Modern Linguistics, 2015,Volume: 5,Issue: 1,Page: 48-64
Authors:  Ronald Fong
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Ba  Gradience  Subordination  Radial Category  Mental Space  
Higher order thinking skills and language learning: Presenting a model for incorporating creativity and critical thinking into classroom activities and language tasks Journal article
TESOLANZ Journal, 2015,Volume: 23,Page: 1-16
Authors:  Sean Grant
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Luminescent Iridium(III) Complexes Supported by N-Heterocyclic Carbene-based (CCC)-C-Lambda-C-Lambda-Pincer Ligands and Aromatic Diimines Journal article
Authors:  Lai-Hon Chung;  Hoi-Shing Lo;  Sze-Wing Ng;  Dik-Lung Ma;  Chung-Hang Leung;  Chun-Yuen Wong
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Glycyrrhetinic acid induces cytoprotective autophagy via the inositol-requiring enzyme 1 alpha-c-Jun N-terminal kinase cascade in non-small cell lung cancer cells Journal article
ONCOTARGET, 2015,Volume: 6,Issue: 41,Page: 43911-43926
Authors:  Zheng-Hai Tang;  Le-Le Zhang;  Ting Li;  Jia-Hong Lu;  Dik-Lung Ma;  Chung-Hang Leung;  Xiu-Ping Chen;  Hu-Lin Jiang;  Yi-Tao Wang;  Jin-Jian Lu
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Glycyrrhetinic Acid  Autophagy  Jnk  Ire1 Alpha  Protective  
The Dual Effects of State Ownership on Export Activities of Emerging Market Firms: An Inducement– Constraint Perspective Journal article
Management International Review, 2015,Volume: 55,Page: 421-451
Authors:  Jie Wu;  Hongxin Zhao
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State Ownership  Institutional Environment  Government Effectiveness  Export Intensity  Emerging Economies  
Distribution channel in hospitality and tourism Revisiting disintermediation from the perspectives of hotels and travel agencies Journal article
Authors:  Rob Law;  Rosanna Leung;  Ada Lo;  Daniel Leung;  Lawrence Hoc Nang Fong
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Hong Kong  Internet  Disintermediation  Distribution Channel  Hotel  Travel Agency  
Introduction Book chapter
出自: Bank Competition, Efficiency and Liquidity Creation in Asia Pacific:Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2015, 页码: 1-4
Authors:  Xiaoqing Maggie Fu;  Yongjia Rebecca Lin;  Philip Molyneux
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Conclusions Book chapter
出自: Bank Competition, Efficiency and Liquidity Creation in Asia Pacific:Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2015, 页码: 125-127
Authors:  Xiaoqing Maggie Fu;  Yongjia Rebecca Lin;  Philip Molyneux
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Bank Liquidity Creation and Regulatory Capital in Asia Pacific Book chapter
出自: Bank Competition, Efficiency and Liquidity Creation in Asia Pacific:Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2015, 页码: 96-124
Authors:  Xiaoqing Maggie Fu;  Yongjia Rebecca Lin;  Philip Molyneux
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Development of the Asia Pacific Banking System Book chapter
出自: Bank Competition, Efficiency and Liquidity Creation in Asia Pacific:Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2015, 页码: 5-48
Authors:  Xiaoqing Maggie Fu;  Yongjia Rebecca Lin;  Philip Molyneux
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Gender, gender identification and perceived gender discrimination An examination of mediating processes in China Journal article
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, 2015,Volume: 34,Issue: 8,Page: 650-665
Authors:  Sharon Foley;  Hang-yue Ngo;  Raymond Loi;  Xiaoming Zheng
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Chinese Employees  Gender Bias  Gender Comparison  Gender Identification  Perceived Gender Discrimination  
What drives lottery demand? Evidence from China's lottery practice Journal article
INTERNATIONAL GAMBLING STUDIES, 2015,Volume: 15,Issue: 1,Page: 159-178
Authors:  Jia Yuan;  Jason Z. Gao
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Lottery Demand  Chinese Lottery  
Corporate social responsibility disclosure in Chinese railway companies Corporate response after a major train accident Journal article
Authors:  Carlos Noronha;  Tiffany Cheng Han Leung;  On Ieng Lei
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China  High-speed Railway  Train Accident  Csr  Corporate Social Disclosure  Csr Reporting