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세계, 중국의 길을 묻다 전 세계 싱크탱크가 본 중국 全球精英眼中的中国战略走向 Book
Korea:성균관대학교출판부, 2015
Authors:  먼훙화门洪华;  푸샤오위 (편저) 浦哓宇
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Bank Competition, Efficiency and Liquidity Creation in Asia Pacific Book
London:Palgrave Macmillan, 2015
Authors:  Xiaoqing Maggie Fu;  Yongjia Rebecca Lin;  Philip Molyneux
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Asia Pacific  Financial Rationalization  Financial Restructuring  Financial Consolidation  Asia  Bank  Banking  Banking  Market Integration  Finance  Domestic Banks  Bank Efficiency  Competition And Liquidity Creation  Stability  Shareholder  
新禁毒全书(第六卷):外国禁毒法律概览 Book
北京:人民出版社, 2015
Authors:  刘建宏
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犯罪干預與預防評估系統回顧研究 Book
北京:人民出版社, 2015
Authors:  刘建宏
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Implementation of Standards-Based curriculum by chemistry teachers: From curriculum materials to teaching practice Book
Authors:  Chen,Bo;  Wei,Bing
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Is the silent mode on?: Researching teachers' voices in Macao through narrative research Book
Authors:  Vong,Sou Kuan;  Wong,Matilda
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China's military transformation : politics and war preparation Book
Cambridge, UK; Malden, MA:Cambridge : Polity Press, 2015
Authors:  Ji You
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書寫我城: 澳門文學補充教材 Book
澳门:澳門教青局, 2015
Authors:  李展鵬;  湯梅笑;  楊穎虹;  廖子馨;  盧傑樺
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Numerical Linear Algebra and Its Applications(Second Edition) Book
北京:科学出版社, 2nd Edition, 2015
Authors:  Jin XQ(金小庆);  Wei YM(魏益民);  Zhao Z(赵志)
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Brides on Sale: Taiwanese Cross-Border Marriages in a Globalizing Asia Book
New York:Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., 2015
Authors:  Todd L. Sandel
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The International Encyclopedia of Language and Social Interaction Book
UK:John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 2015
Authors:  Todd L. Sandel;  Karen Tracy;  Cornelia Ilie
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Advances in membership categorisation analysis Book
London:London Sage, 2015
Authors:  Richard Fitzgerald;  William Housley
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Cultural difference, social recognition and political representation in Taiwan Book
Authors:  Ngo,Tak Wing;  Wang,Hong Zen
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The fabrication of differences among Kaohsiung dockworkers Book
Authors:  Chen,Yi Chi;  Ngo,Tak Wing
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中国近代报业的起点:澳门新闻出版史(1557~1840) Book
中国:社会科学文献出版社, 1, 2015
Authors:  林玉凤
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新闻  出版  澳门  近代  历史  
Mathematical Analysis, Probability and Applications – Plenary Lectures Book
Basel:Springer, Cham, 2015
Authors:  Tao Qian;  Luigi G. Rodino
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自适应 Fourier 变换 Book
中国:科学出版社, 2015
Authors:  钱涛
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Modeling Approaches to Natural Convection in Porous Media Book
USA:Springer, Cham, 2015
Authors:  Yan Su;  Jane H. Davidson
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Heat Transfer  Irregular Microscopic Geometry  Mass Transfer  Porous Media  Regular Microscopic Geometry  
An interactive construction method of 3D objects from chinese ink paintings Book
Authors:  Yang L.;  Xu T.;  Li X.
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3D modeling  Animation  Chinese ink painting  Geometry processing  Nonphotorealistic rendering (NPR)  
Finite element analysis (FEA) of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) rehabilitation of cracked steel and application to pipe repair Book
Authors:  Lam C.C.
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Crack repair  Finite element method  FRP patching  Repair of steel members  Steel pipe