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十五年的分途与整合:媒介议题与澳门的公民教育发展 Conference paper
與新世代同尋美好:華人地區青少年價值教育研討會, Esther Lee Building, Chung Chi College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2016-4-30
Authors:  林玉鳳
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Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice in China Book chapter
出自: International Handbook of Juvenile Justice:Springer, Cham, 2016, 页码: 155-172
Authors:  Ruohui Zhao;  Liqun Cao
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Age Of Criminal Responsibility  Alternative Sanctions  China  Trends In Juvenile Crime  Juvenile Justice System  
The Calcutta Pococurante Society: Public and Private in India’s Age of Reform Journal article
Paris Review Daily, 2016
Authors:  Ehrlich, Joshua
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禁毒干预评估系统回顾研究 Book
北京:人民出版社, 2016
Authors:  刘建宏
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Mental health interventions and priorities for research for adult survivors of torture and systematic violence: a review of the literature Journal article
Torture Journal: Journal on Rehabilitation of Torture Victims and Prevention of Torture, 2016,Volume: 26,Issue: 1,Page: 17-44
Authors:  Weiss WM;  Ana M. Uguento;  Zayan Mahmooth;  Laura K. Murray;  Brian J. Hall;  Maya Nadison;  Andrew Rasmussen;  Jennifer S. Lee;  Andrea Vazzano;  Judy Bass;  Paul Bolton
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Torture  Mental Health  Stress Disorders  Post-traumatic  Depression  Anxiety  Outcome Assessment  
公共管理的現代化 : 繼承與發展 Book
廣州市:中山大學出版社, 2016
Authors:  林至敏;  王建偉
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School characteristics as correlates of childhood obesity prevention Conference paper
The 48th Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health (APACPH) Annual Conference: Create a Healthy Future with Competent Professionals, Teikyo University, Tokyo, 2016-9-17-19
Authors:  Angela Chang
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Applying consumer-based brand equity in luxury hotel branding: An empirical study Conference paper
The Mystique of Luxury Brands- Shanghai Conference 2016, The Majesty Plaza, Shanghai (Ballroom A), 2016-3-12
Authors:  Matthew Liu;  Anthony Wong;  Tseng Ting-Hsiang;  Angela Wen-Yu Chang;  Ian Phau
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全媒體市場背後:多元,沉默與兩極 Conference paper
澳门全球传媒产业发展大会, 澳门, 2016年11月28日
Authors:  林玉凤
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Women’s substance abuse and its impacts on children’s early development and deviant behaviors Book chapter
出自: Women and Children as Victims and Offenders: Background, Prevention, Reintegration, Switzerlan:Springer International Publishing, 2016, 页码: 239-263
Authors:  Huan Gao;  Jianhong Liu
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Parental Substance Abuse  Substance Abuse  Illicit Drug  Foster Care  Drug Treatment Program  
Validation of the Revised Inventory of Gambling Motives, Attitudes, and Behaviours (GMAB-R) Among Chinese University Students Journal article
Journal of Gambling and Commercial Gaming Research, 2016,Page: 53–67
Authors:  Yuan Yuan Wang;  Kwok Kit Tong;  Anise M. S. Wu;  Shu Yu
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Gmab  Chinese  Gambling  Motives  Attitudes  Behaviors  Scale Validation  
Juvenile Delinquency: A systematic Review of Intervention Programs - Campbell Collaborations Criminal Justice Report Series Book
Beijing, China:People’s Publishing House, 2016
Authors:  Jianhong Liu
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犯罪矫治评估系统回顾研究 Book
北京:人民出版社, 2016
Authors:  刘建宏
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犯罪矫治评估系统回顾研究 Book
北京:人民出版社, 2016
Authors:  刘建宏
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What Should a Social Psychology for Social Change Look Like in Asia? Reflections on Scientific Research, Aimed at Solving Social Problems and Generating New Knowledge With ‘a Theory of Culture Change Journal article
JOURNAL OF PACIFIC RIM PSYCHOLOGY, 2016,Volume: 10,Issue: e14,Page: 1-5
Authors:  James H. Liu;  Allan B.I. Bernardo
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Cyberterrorism and Cyber Security: A Global Perspective Journal article
Justice Report, 2016,Volume: 31,Issue: 4,Page: 32-35
Authors:  Latha Subrananian;  Jianhong Liu,;  John Winterdyk
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Social and Psychological Challenges of the 21st Century and Beyond Journal article
International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanity Studies, 2016,Volume: 6,Issue: 11,Page: 884-891
Authors:  Robert J. Taormina
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Future Challenges  Historical Change  Present Challenges  Psychological Isolation  Social Isolation  
A New Measure of Traditional Values Across Cultures: China and Russia Compared Journal article
Psychological Thought, 2016,Volume: 9,Issue: 2,Page: 197-221
Authors:  Robert J. Taormina;  Rail M. Shamionov
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Traditional Values  Measure  Culture  China  Russia  
澳门地区青少年吸食氯胺酮的模式以及相关因素 Journal article
中国药物依赖性杂志, 2016,Volume: 25,Issue: 1,Page: 124-131
Authors:  李 德;  唐 伟;  夏一巍;  张小华
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澳门地区  青少年  氯胺酮  派对文化  
澳门在学青少年合成毒品滥用问题及对策研究 Journal article
中国药物依赖性杂志, 2016,Volume: 25,Issue: 1,Page: 69-76
Authors:  李 德;  张小华;  唐 伟;  夏一巍;  林 建
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澳门地区在学青少年  合成毒品  影响因素