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Biological regulators of CD4+CD25+FOXP3+regulatory T-cells Meeting Absctact
Authors:  O.M. Zack Howard;  Joost J. Oppenheim;  Xin Chen
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Challenging evolution: eliminating the IFN-gamma 3 ARE effects T cell homenstasis Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Deborah L.Hodge;  Cyril Berthet;  Jeff Subleski;  Veronique Pascal;  William Bere;  Xin Chen;  Matthew Buschman;  Thomas Wolfe;  Howard A.Young
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IFN-γ 3' untranslated region AU-RICH element-deleted mice have altered immune structure and function Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Deborah L. Hodge;  Cyril Berthet;  Jeff Subleski;  William Bere;  Xin Chen;  Vincenzo Coppola;  Matthew Buschman;  Thomas Wolfe;  Isabelle Shuggi;  Howard A. Young
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Inhibitory effect of Sheng Qi Formula (SQF) on Gr-1+ CD11b+ myeloid immunosuppressor cells (MIC) in the 4T1 murine mammary cancer model Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Jie Li;  Xin Chen;  Hong Sheng Lin;  Joost J Oppenheim;  O.M.Zack Howard
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IKKalpha is critical for the maintenance of a normal pool of regulatory T cells and for the expansion of both regulatory and effector T cells Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Xin Chen;  Jami Willette-Brown;  Xueqiang Wu;  O.M. Zack Howard;  Yinling Hu;  Joost Oppenheim
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Phenotypic changes in ifn-gamma 3'UTR are knock out mice Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Hodge, D;  Berthet, C;  Subleski, J;  Pascal, V;  Bere, W;  Chen, X;  Buschman, M;  Wolfe, T;  Young, H
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Interaction of TNF and TNFR2 stabilizes the phenotype and function of CD4+ FoxP3+ regulatory T cells in the inflammatory environment Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Xin Chen;  Xueqiang Wu;  O.M.Zack Howard;  Joost Oppenheim
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