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Analysis of VPAC and secretin receptors in vertebrates: its implications on molecular and functional evolution of the secretin receptor family Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Billy KC Chow;  Leo TO Lee
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The hypothalamo-neurohypophsial secretinergic pathway in regulating body water homeostasis Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Chu, JYS;  Lee, LT;  Lai, SK;  Chan, YS;  Yung, WH;  Chow, BK
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Cholic acid stimulates bile duct proliferation both in vivo and in vitro via regulation of the expression and secretion of secretin by cholangiocytes: Novel evidence for autocrine/paracrine regulation of cholangiocyte proliferation by secretin Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Lam, IP;  Glaser, S;  Chow, BKC;  Lee, LTO;  Venter, J;  Lee, V;  Alpini, G
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Secretin: a neurosecretory factor regulating body water homeostasis Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Chu, JS;  Lee, LTO;  Chan, YS;  Chow, BKC
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