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Analysis of VPAC and secretin receptors in vertebrates: its implications on molecular and functional evolution of the secretin receptor family Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Billy KC Chow;  Leo TO Lee
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The hypothalamo-neurohypophsial secretinergic pathway in regulating body water homeostasis Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Chu, JYS;  Lee, LT;  Lai, SK;  Chan, YS;  Yung, WH;  Chow, BK
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Cholic acid stimulates bile duct proliferation both in vivo and in vitro via regulation of the expression and secretion of secretin by cholangiocytes: Novel evidence for autocrine/paracrine regulation of cholangiocyte proliferation by secretin Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Lam, IP;  Glaser, S;  Chow, BKC;  Lee, LTO;  Venter, J;  Lee, V;  Alpini, G
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Regulation of neuronal G Protein GAP RGS7 by interplay among Calcium, calmodulin, neurogranin, PKC, and Membrane lipids Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Weiwei Liu;  Qiong Wang;  Theodore G. Wensel
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Cardiomyocyte Differentiation from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells in Chemically Defined E8 Media Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Weiwei Liu;  Yongshun Lin;  Kaari Linask;  Wen Xie;  Yubin Du;  Jeanette Beers;  Guokai Chen
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Medium Acidosis in High-density Culture Leads to Metabolic Switch and Differentiation Bias in Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Weiwei Liu;  Kai Lu;  Yunyun Zhu;  Chengcheng Song;  Zhili Ren;  Ru Yan;  Guokai Chen
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Lipid modulation of cell differentiation in human pluripotent stem cells Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Meng, Y;  Xu, F;  Weiwei, L;  Chen, G
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The Impact of high-density cell culture on maintenance and differentiation in human pluripotent stem cells Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Weiwei, L.;  Ren, Z.;  Lu, K.;  Song, C.;  Edwin, C. W.;  Chen, G.
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Interactions of calmodulin with RGS7 and RGS9 Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Liu, WW;  T.G.Wensel
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Development and Evaluation of a Multi-Pinhole SPECT Method for a Small Animal SPECT Imaging System Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Tsui BMW;  Wang Y;  Mok GSP;  Li J;  Wagenaar DJ
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Design Considerations of a High-Resolution and High-Sensitivity Multi-Pinhole SPECT System for Small Animal Imaging. Paper presented at the 2nd Biannual Workshop on Small-Animal SPECT Imaging Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Tsui BMW;  Wang Y;  Mok GSP;  Walz-Flannigan A;  Smith MF;  S. Majewski
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Correlating Non-invasive Imaging Methods to Histopathology in Mouse Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Gabrielson K;  Bedja D;  Cooper T;  Kass D;  Takimoto E;  Dietz H;  Mok GSP;  Tsui BMW;  Huso D
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Molecular Imaging of Atherosclerotic Plaques in Transgenic Mice using Tc-99m HYNIC Annexin V and High Performance SPECT/CT Techniques Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Tsui BMW;  Wang Y;  Mok GSP;  Walz-Flannigan A;  Gabrielson K;  Pomper MG
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Performance Characterization and Quality Control Protocols of a Commercial Small Animal SPECT/CT System based on Modular Detector with Pixellated Scintillation Crystals Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Hemker S;  Kwok AFK;  Wang Y;  Mok GSP;  Tsui BMW;  Pomper MG
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Monitoring Atherosclerosis in ApoE-/- Mice using 99mTc-HYNIC-Annexin-V SPECT Imaging Techniques Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Walz-Flannigan A;  Mok GSP;  Wang Y;  Gabrielson KL;  Fox J;  Foss C;  Nimmagadda S;  Seshadri M;  Pomper MG;  Tsui BMW
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Investigation of Multi-Pinhole Collimator Designs and Imaging Reconstruction Methods for Imaging Small Animals with Different Sizes using a SPECT/CT Imaging System Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Mok GSP;  Wang Y;  Li J;  Wagenaar DJ;  Tsui BMW
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Evaluation of High Performance SPECT/CT Techniques for Molecular Imaging of Doxorubicin Cardiotoxicity in Rats using Tc-99m-HYNIC-Annexin V Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Mok GSP;  Bedja D;  Pin S;  Tsao A;  Wang Y;  Soorykumar D;  Nimmagadda S;  Yu J;  Pomper MG;  BMW Tsui;  Gabrielson KL
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High-Resolution and High Detection Efficiency Multi-Pinhole SPECT/CT Imaging of Atherosclerotic Plaques in ApoE-/- Mice Using 99mTc-HYNIC-Annexin V Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Mok GSP;  Yu J;  Wang Y;  Tsao A;  Bedja D;  Gabrielson KL;  Nimmagadda S;  Pomper MG;  Bengel F;  BMW Tsui
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Theoretical Implications and Design Principles of Focused Multi-Pinhole SPECT MicroSPECT/CT Imaging System Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Wang Y;  Mok GSP;  Graff D;  Tsui BMW
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Partial Volume Compensation in Quantitative Pinhole Small Animal SPECT Imaging – A Monte Carlo Simulation Study Meeting Absctact
Authors:  Du Y;  Frey EC;  Wang Y;  Segars WP;  Mok GSP;  Tsui BMW
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