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The Dynamic Impact of Culture on Organizations Book
Macau:Macau Foundation, 1996
Authors:  Umezawa Tadashi;  Kong Siew Huat;  Noronha Carlos
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Total Quality Management Book
Macau:Macau Foundation, 1999
Authors:  Antonio, Nelson Santos;  Kong, Siew Huat;  Lam, Tiffany K.P.;  Noronha, Carlos;  Terxeira Antonio
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Exploring New Paradigms for Community Building Book
Avenida Kwong Tung, No.59, Tak Fok Hoi Keng Garden, Hoi Keng Kok, 6 Andar D, Macau S.A.R., China:New Millennium Publication International, 2011
Authors:  Kong Siew Huat
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何去何从:我们的世界 Book
上海淮海中路622弄7号:上海社会科学院出版社, 2014
Authors:  江绍发
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Organizational learning in Asia : issues and challenges Book
Amsterdam, Netherlands ; Cambridge, MA:Elsevier, 2017
Authors:  Jacky Hong;  Robin S. Snell;  Chris Rowley
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Volatility surface and term structure:high-profit options trading strategies Book
London:Routledge, 2013
Authors:  Kin Keung Lai;  Jerome Yen;  Shifei Zhou;  Hao Wang
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China Financial Markets: Issues and Opportunities Book
London:Routledge, 2014
Authors:  Ming Wang;  Kin Keung Lai;  Jerome Yen
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Emerging Financial Derivatives Understanding exotic options and structured products Book
London:Routledge, 2014
Authors:  Jerome Yen;  Kin Keung Lai
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Economics  Business & Industry  Finance  
Macau : a model of mini-economy Book
Macau:University of Macau Publication Centre, 1997
Authors:  Ieong Wan Chong;  Richardo Chi Sen Siu
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多元貨幣論 : 兼論一國兩制下的貨幣理論與策略 Book
澳門:澳門基金會, 1999
Authors:  蕭志成
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Macao gaming human resources issues and solutions Book
Macau:Macao Association of Economic Sciences, 2009
Authors:  Zheng Gu;  Ricardo C. S. Siu
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Bank Competition, Efficiency and Liquidity Creation in Asia Pacific Book
London:Palgrave Macmillan, 2015
Authors:  Xiaoqing Maggie Fu;  Yongjia Rebecca Lin;  Philip Molyneux
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Asia Pacific  Financial Rationalization  Financial Restructuring  Financial Consolidation  Asia  Bank  Banking  Banking  Market Integration  Finance  Domestic Banks  Bank Efficiency  Competition And Liquidity Creation  Stability  Shareholder  
现代银行业--中国人民银行干部培训翻译教材丛书 Book
北京:中国金融出版社, 2007
Authors:  傅晓青;  康晖;  刘峰;  尹海峰
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银行  教材  经济理论  
Economic Convergence in Greater China: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Book
London:Routledge, 2008
Authors:  Chun Kwok Lei;  Shujie Yao
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Chopsticks and Gambling Book
ENGLAND:Routledge, 2017
Authors:  Desmond Lam
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Casino Management in Integrated Resorts Book
United Kingdom:Routledge, 2019
Authors:  Desmond Lam
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Corporate Governance, Auditor Choice and Auditor Switch: Evidence from China Book
Not Found:VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, 2008
Authors:  Ming Liu
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Corporate Governance  Auditor Choice  Auditor Switch  Chinese Auditing  Market Implications  
Event Management: An Asian Perspective Book
Singapore:McGraw Hill, 2010
Authors:  Glenn McCartney
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Introduction to Tourism Management: An Asian Perspective Book
Singapore:McGraw-Hill Education Asia, 2013
Authors:  Glenn McCartney
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Proceedings of Sino-British Conference on Land Management Book
UK:University of Greenwich, 1996
Authors:  Chen, JJ;  Wills, D
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