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《南方週末》:自由主義與新聞專業主義的萌芽 Conference paper
Proceedings of The 3rd Conference on Intellectuals and the Press in Republican China: Journalistic Professionalism in China – Historical Path and Reality Construction, 香港, 2012
Authors:  李小勤
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病毒营销的来龙去脉及其对公共传播的冲击 Conference paper
2010中国新媒体传播学年会, 广州, 2010-12-9
Authors:  吴玫
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解析“符号的力量”:关于莫言获诺贝尔文学奖大辩论的幻想主题研究 Conference paper
全球传播 新趋势·新媒体·新实践 “第三届全国对外传播理论研讨会”论文集, 长春, 2013-8-15、16
Authors:  朱文博;  吴枚
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十五年的分途与整合:媒介议题与澳门的公民教育发展 Conference paper
與新世代同尋美好:華人地區青少年價值教育研討會, Esther Lee Building, Chung Chi College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2016-4-30
Authors:  林玉鳳
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淺論政策辯論與大學生素質拓展 Conference paper
政策性辯論與大學生素質拓展論壇, 澳門, 2007-5-9
Authors:  尹德剛
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抗战时期成都茶馆工人及其组织 Conference paper
中華民國史研究三十年(1972—2002)——中華民國史(1912—1949)國際學術討論會論文集(下卷), 中國北京, 2002-08
Authors:  王笛
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小而美:《城市画报》的媒介融合与创新之路 Conference paper
2015中国传播学论坛——传媒业变革与传播学创新, 重庆大学A校区主教学楼506, 2015年11月7日
Authors:  李小勤;  牟润润;  贡晓静
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跨代影響: 知識鴻溝和政治鴻溝 —— 以澳門和珠海地區爲例 Conference paper
2012中華傳播學會年會 跨域與轉型:變動時代中的傳播媒介與互動, 靜宜大學,台湾, 2012/07/06~2012/07/08
Authors:  王清霖;  李小勤
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中国传媒对“他者”的再现:《南方周末》的农民(工)报道之内容分析,1984-2002年 Conference paper
2006中国传播学论坛论文集(Ⅰ), 中国广东深圳, 2006-08
Authors:  李小勤
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传媒政治话语  再现  他者  《南方周末》  
傳媒越軌的替代性框架初探 Conference paper
2003年年會論文, 台湾, 2003/09/05~2003/09/06
Authors:  李小勤
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Participatory Visual Production for Advocacy: a Theoretical Exploration on Its Effectiveness Conference paper
2005 National Communication Association Annual Conference, Boston, MA, Nov 20 2005
Authors:  Ying Li
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Communication Ecology Perspective and Its Contributions to Community Activism Conference paper
2005 National Communication Association Annual Conference, Boston, MA, Nov 19 2005
Authors:  Ying Li
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Cultural Preference on the Choice of Foreign Names ‐ A Comparative Study Conference paper
Communication, Creativity and Global Citizenship: Refereed Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association Conference 2009, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, July 7 2009
Authors:  Justina Cheang
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Profit Function Specifications for Consumer Demand Systems Conference paper
Proceeding of the Econometric Society Australasian Meeting 1997 Volume IV, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, 1997.7.2-4
Authors:  Gary Wong
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Does your Name Project your Desired Image? Personal Names as the Tool for Impression Management and its Effectiveness. Conference paper
6th Annual International Conference on Communication and Mass Media, Athens, Greece, 19-20 May 2008
Authors:  Cheang, J.
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华文媒体与身份认同:马来西亚华文媒体人的口述故事 Conference paper
“华侨华人与中国周边公共外交”研讨会议程, 华侨大学厦门校区, 2014年5月26-28日
Authors:  吴玫;  叶琳
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E-Public Space and Online Viral Marketing: Policy Concerns over 'Pushing Hands' on the Chinese Internet Conference paper
THE INTERNET, POLICY & POLITICS CONFERENCES, University of Oxford, 2010-9-17
Authors:  Mei Wu;  Chengyu Cao
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Chinese Internet  Tuishou  Online Viral Marketing  Public Sphere  Policy  Internet Policy  
Mobile technology and "second industrialization": A Chinese analysis Conference paper
CATaC08: ICTs bridging cultures? Theories, obstacles and best practices, Nice, France, 2008-6-27
Authors:  M. Wu;  L. Haiyun
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Alternative Channel of Information: Discussion Forums on the Chinese Internet Conference paper
GOR06 Pre-Conference Workshop Program, Bielefeld, Germany, 2006-3-22
Authors:  Mei Wu
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資訊不對稱也是甲午慘敗原因 Conference paper
紀念甲午戰爭120周年歷史論壇, 澳门, 2014-7-19、20
Authors:  尹德刚
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