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Poverty, Privilege, and Prejudice: Social Psychological Dimensions of Socioeconomic Inequalities in the Philippines Journal article
Silliman Journal, 2015,Volume: 56,Issue: 3,Page: 193-216
Authors:  Allan B. I. Bernardo
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Poverty  Privilege  Prejudice  Intergroup Relations  Lay Theories  Social Dominance Theory  System Justification Theory  Norm Theory  
Broadening Psychology Discourses on Poverty and Connecting with Conversations on Social Change Journal article
Silliman Journal, 2015,Volume: 56,Issue: 3,Page: 241-249
Authors:  Allan B. I. Bernardo
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What Should a Social Psychology for Social Change Look Like in Asia? Reflections on Scientific Research, Aimed at Solving Social Problems and Generating New Knowledge With ‘a Theory of Culture Change Journal article
JOURNAL OF PACIFIC RIM PSYCHOLOGY, 2016,Volume: 10,Issue: e14,Page: 1-5
Authors:  James H. Liu;  Allan B.I. Bernardo
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Socioeconomic status and problem attributions: The mediating role of sense of control Journal article
Cogent Psychology, 2018,Volume: 5,Issue: 1,Page: 1-16
Authors:  Mary Angeline A. Daganzo;  Allan B. I. Bernardo
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Problem Attribution  Sense Of Control  Social Class  Socioeconomic Status  
Exploring the Links between Social Axioms and the Epistemological Beliefs about Learning held by Filipino Students Book chapter
出自: Psychological Aspects of Social Axioms Understanding Global Belief Systems, New York:Springer, New York, NY, 2009, 页码: 163-175
Authors:  Allan B. I. Bernardo
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Social goals, sense of community and disconnectedness in school: An exploratory study of three ethnoreligious groups in the Philippines Book chapter
出自: Advancing cross-cultural perspectives on educational psychology: A Festschrift for Dennis M. McInerney, Charlotte, NC:Information Age Publications, 2013, 页码: 231-251
Authors:  Allan B.I. Bernardo;  Jerome A. Ouano
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Mapping the spaces of cross-cultural educational psychology Book chapter
出自: Advancing cross-cultural perspectives on educational psychology : a festschrift for Dennis McInerney, Charlotte, NC:Information Age Publishing (IAP), 2013, 页码: 345-357
Authors:  Bernardo, A. B. I.;  Liem, G. A. D.
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Sociocultural dimensions of student motivation: Research approaches and insights from the Philippines Book chapter
出自: Asian Education Miracles : In Search of Sociocultural and Psychological Explanations, UK:Routledge, 2019, 页码: 139-154
Authors:  Bernardo, A. B. I.
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Epistemological Beliefs and Theory of Planned Behavior: Examining Beliefs about Knowledge and Knowing as Distal Predictors of Indonesian Tertiary Students' Intention to Study Journal article
ASIA-PACIFIC EDUCATION RESEARCHER, 2010,Volume: 19,Issue: 1,Page: 127-142
Authors:  Liem, Gregory Arief D.;  Bernardo, Allan B. I.
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Epistemological Beliefs  Theory Of Planned Behavior  Study Intentions  Indonesia  
Social perceptions of achieving students and achievement goals of students in Malaysia and the Philippines Journal article
Social Psychology of Education, 2010,Volume: 13,Issue: 3,Page: 385–407
Authors:  Allan B. I. Bernardo;  Rosnah Ismail
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Achievement Goals  Goal Theory  Achievement Motivation  Social Perception  Malaysia  Philippines  
Extending hope theory: Internal and external locus of trait hope Journal article
Personality and Individual Differences, 2010,Volume: 49,Issue: 8,Page: 944-949
Authors:  Allan B.I.Bernardo
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Hope  Hope Theory  Locus-of-hope  Individualism  Collectivism  Models Of Agency  
Content and Structure of Values in Middle Adolescence: Evidence From Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia Journal article
JOURNAL OF CROSS-CULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY, 2011,Volume: 42,Issue: 1,Page: 146-154
Authors:  Gregory Arief D. Liem;  Andrew J. Martin1;  Elizabeth Nair;  Allan B. I. Bernardo;  Paulus Hidajat Prasetya
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Schwartz Theory  Values Content  Values Structure  Adolescence  Pvq  
Testing the Factorial Invariance of the English and Filipino Versions of the Inventory of School Motivation With Bilingual Students in the Philippines Journal article
Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 2012,Volume: 30,Issue: 3,Page: 298-303
Authors:  Fraide A. Ganotice, Jr.;  Allan B. I. Bernardo;  Ronnel B. King
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Academic Motivation  Invariance  Bilinguals  Inventory Of School Motivation  
Talking about Good and Bad Learners: Linguistic Dimension of Implicit Theories of Intelligence Journal article
Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology, 2012,Volume: 10,Issue: 26,Page: 195-212
Authors:  Allan B. I. Bernardo
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Implicit Theories Of Intelligence  Entity Theory  Incremental Theory  Linguistic Practices  Linguistic Category Model  Philippines  
Perceived legitimacy of parental control over academic behaviors and adolescent students’ academic adjustment Journal article
European Journal of Psychology of Education, 2012,Volume: 27,Issue: 4,Page: 557-571
Authors:  Allan B. I. Bernardo
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Legitimacy Of Parental Control  Parenting  Academic Adjustment  Adolescents  Academics  Philippines  
The Acquisition of Case Marking by L1 Chabacano and L1 Cebuano Learners of L2 Filipino: Influence of Actancy Structure on Transfer Journal article
LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS, 2012,Volume: 13,Issue: 3,Page: 499-521
Authors:  Aireen L. Barrios;  Allan B. I. Bernardo
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Chabacano  Actancy  Transfer  Second Language Acquisition  
Cultural Differences in Attitudes Toward Action and Inaction: The Role of Dialecticism Journal article
Social Psychological and Personality Science, 2013,Volume: 4,Issue: 5,Page: 521-528
Authors:  Ethan Zell;  Rong Su;  Hong L;  Moon-Ho Ringo Ho;  Sungjin Hong;  Tarcan Kumkale;  Sarah D. Stauffer;  Gregory Zecca;  Huajian Cai;  Sonia Roccas;  Javier Arce-Michel;  Cristina de Sousa;  Rolando Diaz-Loving;  Maria Mercedes Botero;  Lucia Mannetti;  Claudia Garcia;  Pilar Carrera;  Amparo Cabalero;  Masatake Ikemi;  Darius Chan;  Allan Bernardo;  Fernando Garcia;  Inge Brechan;  Greg Maio;  Dolores Albarracı´n
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Action Research  Attitudes  Attitudinal Ambivalence  Culture And Cognition  Culture/ethnicity  
Positive academic emotions moderate the relationship between self‐regulation and academic achievement Journal article
British Journal of Educational Psychology, 2013,Volume: 83,Issue: 2,Page: 329–340
Authors:  Felicidad T. Villavicencio;  Allan B. I. Bernardo
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Negative Emotions Moderate the Relationship Between Self-Efficacy and Achievement of Filipino Students Journal article
Psychological Studies, 2013,Volume: 58,Issue: 3,Page: 225–232
Authors:  Felicidad T. Villavicencio;  Allan B. I. Bernardo
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Academic Emotions  Self-efficacy  Achievement  Moderation Effects  Philippines  Anger  Anxiety  Shame  Hopelessness  
Adapting the Facilitating Conditions Questionnaire (FCQ) for Bilingual Filipino Adolescents: Validating English and Filipino Versions Journal article
Child Indicators Research, 2013,Volume: 6,Issue: 2,Page: 237–256
Authors:  Fraide A. GanoticeJr.;  Allan B. I. Bernardo;  Ronnel B. King
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Facilitating Conditions Questionnaire  Confirmatory Factor Analysis  Bilingual  Adolescents  Validation  Translation