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Pathogenic variants in human DNA damage repair genes mostly arose in recent human history Journal article
BMC Cancer, 2024,Volume: 24,Issue: 1,Page: 415
Authors:  Zhao, Bojin;  Li, Jiaheng;  Sinha, Siddharth;  Qin, Zixin;  Kou, Si Hoi; et al.
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Archaeological  Dna Damage Repair  Evolutionary Origin  Pathogenic Variants  Phylogenetic  
Targeted therapies of inflammatory diseases with intracellularly gelated macrophages in mice and rats Journal article
Nature Communications, 2024,Volume: 15,Issue: 1,Page: 328
Authors:  Gao, Cheng;  Wang, Qingfu;  Ding, Yuanfu;  Kwong, Cheryl H.T.;  Liu, Jinwei; et al.
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Correction to: Spatiotemporal control of engineered bacteria to express interferon-γ by focused ultrasound for tumor immunotherapy (Nature Communications, (2022), 13, 1, (4468), 10.1038/s41467-022-31932-x) Other
Authors:  Chen, Yuhao;  Du, Meng;  Yuan, Zhen;  Chen, Zhiyi;  Yan, Fei
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Prevalence of sleep disturbances in children and adolescents during COVID-19 pandemic: a meta-analysis and systematic review of epidemiological surveys Journal article
Translational Psychiatry, 2024,Volume: 14,Issue: 1,Page: 12
Authors:  Cai, Hong;  Chen, Pan;  Jin, Yu;  Zhang, Qinge;  Cheung, Teris; et al.
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The prevalence of hepatitis B in Chinese general population from 2018 to 2022: a systematic review and meta-analysis Journal article
BMC Infectious Diseases, 2024,Volume: 24,Issue: 1,Page: 211
Authors:  Bai, Shuwen;  Dang, Wen;  Hong, Wenying;  Liao, Wenyu;  Smith, Robert David
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China  Hbsag  Hepatitis b  Infection  Meta-analysis  Prevalence  
Metallopolymer strategy to explore hypoxic active narrow-bandgap photosensitizers for effective cancer photodynamic therapy Journal article
Nature Communications, 2024,Volume: 15,Issue: 1,Page: 170
Authors:  Zhang, Zhao;  Wei, Zixiang;  Guo, Jintong;  Lyu, Jinxiao;  Wang, Bingzhe; et al.
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Polymer Dots  Iridium(Iii) Complexes  Oxygen  Nanoparticles  
Unrestricted molecular motions enable mild photothermy for recurrence-resistant FLASH antitumor radiotherapy Journal article
Bioactive Materials, 2024,Volume: 37,Page: 299-312
Authors:  Shen, Hanchen;  Wang, Hongbin;  Mo, Jianlan;  Zhang, Jianyu;  Xu, Changhuo; et al.
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Aggregation-induced Emission  Cancer Recurrence  Flash Radiotherapy  Mild Photothermal Therapy  Molecular Motion  
Prevalence and network analysis of internet addiction, depression and their associations with sleep quality among commercial airline pilots: A national survey in China Journal article
Journal of Affective Disorders, 2024,Volume: 356,Page: 597-603
Authors:  Sun, He Li;  Chen, Pan;  Zhang, Qinge;  Si, Tong Leong;  Li, Yan Zhang; et al.
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Airline Pilots  Depression  Internet Addiction  Network Analysis  Sleep Quality  
Inter-relationships of depression and insomnia symptoms with life satisfaction in stroke and stroke-free older adults: Findings from the Health and Retirement Study based on network analysis and propensity score matching Journal article
Journal of Affective Disorders, 2024,Volume: 356,Page: 568-576
Authors:  Chen, Pan;  Sun, He Li;  Zhang, Ling;  Feng, Yuan;  Sha, Sha; et al.
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Depression  Insomnia  Life Satisfaction  Network Analysis  Older Adults  Stroke  
Euphorbia helioscopia L. exhibits promising therapeutic effects on hemangioendothelioma and melanoma through angiogenesis inhibition Journal article
Phytomedicine, 2024,Volume: 129,Page: 155666
Authors:  Dou, Man;  Zhu, Dongliang;  Cui, Guozhen;  Li, Haixia;  Di, Lijun; et al.
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Angiogenesis  Electron Transport Chain Complex  Euphorbia Helioscopia Extracts  Hemangioendothelioma  Mitochondrial Function  Ros