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Contests with Sequential Entry and Incomplete Information Journal article
Theoretical Economics, 2024
Authors:  DENG SHANGLYU;  Qiang Fu;  Zenan Wu;  Yuxuan Zhu
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What's Wrong with Australia's China Policy? Book chapter
出自: Australia, AUKUS and the New Cold War:UWA Press, 2024
Authors:  Pan, Chengxin
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Reconceptualizing 'Global China' Book chapter
出自: Routledge Handbook on Global China:Routledge, 2024
Authors:  Pan, Chengxin;  Zhao, Wanyi
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Affective Spaces: The Cultural Politics of Emotion in China Book
UK:Edinburgh University Press, 2024
Authors:  Liu, Shih-Diing;  Shi, Wei
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The prevalence of intimate partner violence and risk factors for women and men in China during the Shanghai 2022 Lockdown Journal article
Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences , 2024
Authors:  Yang, L.;  Shaw, Amy;  Nyman, T. J.;  Hall, B. J.
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Intimate Partner Violence  Covid-19  Lockdown  Gender  
The association of social capital and mental well-being among older residents living in public housing in Macau Special Administrative Region (S.A.R.) – A qualitative case study of Seac Pai Van Journal article
Asian Social Work and Policy Review, 2024,Volume: 18,Issue: 1
Authors:  He, Michelle Sok I.;  Lam, Agnes Iok Fong;  Wong, Paul Wai Ching
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elderly  loneliness  Macau  qualitative study  social capital  
A Qualitative Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Maritime Silk Road in Europe: Who Benefits from the Initiative and Who Does Not Journal article
Asian Perspective, 2024,Volume: 48,Issue: 13,Page: 39
Authors:  Galan, Enrique;  Leandro, Francisco
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China  Belt And Road Initiative  Cba  Connectivity  
The Chinese Policing Web Book
UK:Oxford University Press, 2024
Authors:  Xu JH(徐建華)
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基於機器學習的潛在因子模型及其在金融市場中的應用 Project
项目编号: 72303003, 2024-2026
Authors:  陶宇博
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Expert opinion and public support of genetically modified food policy: Does deficit model work in China? Journal article
Review of Policy Research, 2024
Authors:  IEONG MENG U;  Shao Li
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