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The influence of cognitive image of Macanese food on tourists’ desire and intention to try Macanese food: moderating role of perceived difficulty and gender Journal article
Journal of China Tourism Research, 2022
Authors:  Zhang, Jianlun;  Choe, Ja Young (Jacey);  Lim, Christine.
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The beauty premium of tour guides in the customer decision-making process: An AI-based big data analysis Journal article
Tourism Management, 2022,Volume: 93,Page: 104575
Authors:  Yang, Fiona X;  Li, Ying;  Li, Xiaotong;  Yuan, Jia
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Beauty Premium  Tour Guide  Facial Recognition  Artificial Intelligence  Deep Learning  Big Data  
Marketing online food images via color saturation: A sensory imagery perspective Journal article
Journal of Business Research, 2022,Volume: 151,Page: 366-378
Authors:  Liu, Stephanie Q.;  Wu, Laurie Luorong;  Yu, Xi;  Huang, Huiling
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Consumer behavior  Food images  Online marketing  Sensory imagery  Visual design  
Exploring the effects of official-structured managerial responses on hotel online popularity Journal article
International Journal of Hospitality Management, 2022,Volume: 106
Authors:  Gong, Caiyan;  Liu, Jianwei;  Law, Rob;  Ye, Qiang
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Management Effort  Official-structured Managerial Response  Online Popularity  Online Review  Response Speed  
負責任博彩政策與行為 -- 澳門賭博輔導員專業證書課程 Presentation
报告日期: 2022-08-24
Authors:  馮家超
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Fallacy bias in casino gaming: An observational study of non-Asian and Asian Roulette gamblers Journal article
Journal of Gambling Business and Economics, 2022
Authors:  Min, Yingkai;  Nong, Sunny Zhenzhen;  Fong, Lawrence Hoc Nang;  Wu, Anise Man Sze
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How does celebrity involvement influence travel intention? The case of promoting Chengdu on TikTok Journal article
Information Technology & Tourism, 2022
Authors:  Zhu, Chris;  Fong, Lawrence Hoc Nang;  Gao, Huicai;  Buhalis, Dimitrios;  Shang, Ziye
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Tiktok  Celebrity Involvement  Object-based Authenticity  Existential Authenticity  Travel Intention  
Turnover and retention of Generation Z during probation in hospitality: The case of Macao Journal article
Journal of Hospitality & Tourism, 2022,Volume: 20,Issue: 1,Page: 72-89
Authors:  Sin, Winnie Weng In;  Lin, Katsy Jiaxin;  Fong, Lawrence Hoc Nang;  Law, Rob
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Macau’s New Gaming Legislation and Casino Post COVID-19 Recovery Considerations Journal article
Gaming Law Review, 2022
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Modeling Air Transportation Cost and International Tourism Demand: An Australian Case Study Presentation
报告日期: 2022-08-01
Authors:  Kuok, Rockie U Kei;  Koo, Tay;  Lim, Christine
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Temporal Cost Of Air Transportation