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Organic crystal structure prediction via coupled generative adversarial networks and graph convolutional networks Journal article
Innovation, 2024,Volume: 5,Issue: 2,Page: 100562
Authors:  Ye, Zhuyifan;  Wang, Nannan;  Zhou, Jiantao;  Ouyang, Defang
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Monte-carlo  Energy  Polymorph  
Interactive changes in depression and loneliness symptoms prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic: A longitudinal network analysis Journal article
Psychiatry Research, 2024,Volume: 333,Page: 115744
Authors:  Sun, He Li;  Zhang, Qinge;  Si, Tong Leong;  Bai, Wei;  Chen, Pan; et al.
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Depression  Loneliness  Longitudinal Network Analysis  
Pharmacoepidemiology and Clinical Correlates of Lithium Treatment for Bipolar Disorder in Asia Journal article
Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 2024,Volume: 44,Issue: 2,Page: 117-123
Authors:  Shuy, Yao Kang;  Santharan, Sanjana;  Chew, Qian Hui;  Lin, Shih Ku;  Ouyang, Wen Chen; et al.
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Asia  Bipolar Disorder  Lithium  
Global prevalence of poor sleep quality in cancer patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis Journal article
General Hospital Psychiatry, 2024,Volume: 87,Page: 92-102
Authors:  Chen, Meng Yi;  Zheng, Wan Ying;  Liu, Yu Fei;  Li, Xiao Hong;  Lam, Mei Ieng; et al.
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Cancer  Meta-analysis  Prevalence  Sleep Quality  
Adjunctive continuous theta burst stimulation for major depressive disorder or bipolar depression: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled studies Journal article
Journal of Affective Disorders, 2024,Volume: 346,Page: 266-272
Authors:  Cai, Dong Bin;  Qin, Xiu De;  Qin, Zhen Juan;  Lan, Xian Jun;  Wang, Jian Jun; et al.
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Bipolar Depression  Continuous Theta Burst Stimulation  Efficacy  Major Depressive Disorder  Meta-analysis  
Prevalence and network structure of post-traumatic stress symptoms and their association with suicidality among Chinese mental health professionals immediately following the end of China’s Dynamic Zero-COVID Policy: a national survey Journal article
Translational Psychiatry, 2023,Volume: 13,Page: 395
Authors:  Chen, Pan;  Zhang, Ling;  Feng, Yuan;  An, Feng Rong;  Su, Zhaohui; et al.
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Internet addiction and residual depressive symptoms among clinically stable adolescents with major psychiatric disorders during the COVID-19 pandemic: a network analysis perspective Journal article
Translational Psychiatry, 2023,Volume: 13,Issue: 1,Page: 186
Authors:  Hong Cai;  Yan-Jie Zhao;  Fan He;  Shu-Ying Li;  Zong-Lei Li; et al.
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The relationship of intent to be COVID-19 vaccinated with depression, anxiety, insomnia, pain and smoking among Chinese patients with a pacemaker Journal article
Preventive Medicine Reports, 2023,Volume: 36,Page: 102394
Authors:  Cai, Hong;  Lin, Yun;  Liu, Hong Hong;  Su, Xue Jian;  Zhou, Chen Yu; et al.
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Anxiety  Cardiac Pacemaker  China  Depression  Insomnia  Intent To Be Covid-19 Vaccinated  
Global prevalence of mild cognitive impairment among older adults living in nursing homes: a meta-analysis and systematic review of epidemiological surveys Journal article
Translational Psychiatry, 2023,Volume: 13,Issue: 1
Authors:  Pan Chen;  Hong Cai;  Wei Bai;  Zhaohui Su;  Yi-Lang Tang; et al.
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Pharmacist intervention for pediatric asthma: A systematic literature review and logic model Journal article
Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy, 2023,Volume: 19,Issue: 12,Page: 1487-1510
Authors:  Lin, Guohua;  Chau, Chi Ian;  Hu, Hao;  Ung, Carolina Oi Lam
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Inhaler Technique  Health Outcomes  Management  Children