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Algorithmic trading and post-earnings-announcement drift: A cross-country study Journal article
International Journal of Accounting, 2023
Authors:  Tao Chen
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Algorithmic Trading  Post-earnings-announcement Drift  Investor Protection  Information Dissemination  Disclosure Requirements  
Do superstitions bias trading behavior? Journal article
Economics of Transition, 2023
Authors:  Tao Chen
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Non-investor Institutions' Site Visits and Corporate Social Responsibilities Journal article
Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies, 2023
Authors:  Tam, L.H.K.;  Tian, S.H.
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Corporate Site Visit  Corporate Social Responsibilities  Csr  Non-investor Institutions  Media  
Sunshine-induced mood and SEO pricing: Evidence from detailed investor bids in SEO auctions Journal article
Journal of Corporate Finance, 2023
Authors:  Qian Sun;  Xiaoke Cheng;  Shenghao Gao;  Tao Chen;  Jia Liu
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Investor herding and price informativeness in global markets: Evidence from earnings announcements Journal article
Journal of Behavioral Finance, 2023
Authors:  Tao Chen;  Robert K. Larson;  Han Mo
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Earnings Announcements  Information Dissemination  Investigative Herding  Legal Systems  Political Regimes  Trader Disagreement  
Infusing new insights: How do review novelty and inconsistency shape the usefulness of online travel reviews? Journal article
Tourism Management, 2023,Volume: 96,Page: 104703
Authors:  Zhang, Xi;  Zhang, Xiaoxia;  Liang, Sai;  Yang, Yang;  Law, Rob
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Perceived Usefulness  Review Novelty  Review Inconsistency  Heuristic-systematic Model  Online Travel Review  
RESKM: A General Framework to Accelerate Large-Scale Spectral Clustering Journal article
PATTERN RECOGNITION, 2023,Volume: 137,Page: 109275
Authors:  Yang, Geping;  Deng, Sucheng;  Chen, Xiang;  Chen, Can;  Yang, Yiyang;  Gong, Zhiguo;  Hao, Zhifeng
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Large-scale  Machine Learning  Spectral Clustering  Unsupervised Learning  
Comparing consumer intention to purchase ethical fashion cross-culturally Conference paper
University of Southern Denmark, Odense, May 23-26, 2023
Authors:  Pérez, Andrea;  Collado, Jesus;  Liu DJ(劉丁己)
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Does More Prominent Reporting Format Improve the Usefulness of Financial Information for the Market? Market Attention and Information Quality Explanations Conference paper
Espoo, Finland, May 24-26, 2023
Authors:  Rong Huang;  Ming Liu;  Feng Tang;  Desmond Chun Yip Yuen
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Can corporate taxation pay off financially? A social value generation perspective Book chapter
出自: The Ethics of Tax Evasion, Volume 2: New Perspectives in Theory and Practice:Switzerland: Springer, 2023
Authors:  Chu, Teresa;  Guan, Jieqi;  Noronha, Carlos;  Zhang, Ruopiao
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