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Contests with Sequential Entry and Incomplete Information Journal article
Theoretical Economics, 2024
Authors:  DENG SHANGLYU;  Qiang Fu;  Zenan Wu;  Yuxuan Zhu
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Political fragmentation versus a unified empire in a Malthusian economy Journal article
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2024,Volume: 222,Page: 284-293
Authors:  Chu, Angus C.;  Peretto, Pietro F.;  Furukawa, Yuichi
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Interstate Competition  Malthusian Growth Theory  Unified Empire  
Monetary policy in a Schumpeterian economy with endogenous fertility and human capital accumulation Journal article
Journal of Macroeconomics, 2024,Volume: 80,Page: 103601
Authors:  Song, Wei;  Yang, Yibai
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Economic Growth  Fertility  Human Capital  Monetary Policy  r&d  
Tests for equal forecast accuracy under heteroskedasticity Journal article
Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2024,Page: 1-20
Authors:  Harvey, David I.;  Leybourne, Stephen J.;  Zu, Yang
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Diebold–mariano Test  Forecast Accuracy  Nonparametric Volatility Estimation  
Generalized cumulative offer processes Journal article
Review of Economic Design, 2024
Authors:  Bó, Inácio;  Kratz, Jörgen;  Shimoji, Makoto
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Asynchrony  Matching With Contracts  Cumulative Offer Mechanism  Order Independence  
Financialization and Commodity Markets Serial Dependence Journal article
Management Science, 2024,Volume: 70,Issue: 4,Page: 2122-2143
Authors:  Da, Zhi;  Tang, Ke;  Tao, Yubo;  Yang, Liyan
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Financialization  Return Autocorrelations  News Sentiment  Etf Arbitrage  Return Autocorrelations  Index Trading  
Blocking patents, rent protection and economic growth Journal article
Review of Economic Dynamics, 2024,Volume: 52,Page: 1-20
Authors:  Klein, Michael A.;  Yang, Yibai
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Blocking Patents  Economic Growth  Innovation  Intellectual Property Rights  Patent Policy  
A Time-Varying Network for Cryptocurrencies Journal article
Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, 2024,Volume: 42,Issue: 2,Page: 437-456
Authors:  Guo, Li;  Wolfgang K. Härdle;  Tao, Yubo
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Co-clustering  Community Detection  Covariates  Dynamic Stochastic Blockmodel  Network Risk  Momentum  
基於機器學習的潛在因子模型及其在金融市場中的應用 Project
项目编号: 72303003, 2024-2026
Authors:  陶宇博
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Intellectual property rights, taxation, and firms’ innovation: theory and evidence from China Journal article
Journal of Economics/ Zeitschrift fur Nationalokonomie, 2024,Volume: 142,Issue: 1,Page: 81-109
Authors:  Xu, Rongxin;  Yang, Yibai;  Zheng, Zhijie
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E62  Economic Growth  H20  Innovation  Intellectual Property Rights  O30  O31  Taxation