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GPT-4 enhanced multimodal grounding for autonomous driving: Leveraging cross-modal attention with large language models Journal article
Communications in Transportation Research, 2024,Volume: 4,Page: 100116
Authors:  Liao, Haicheng;  Shen, Huanming;  Li, Zhenning;  Wang, Chengyue;  Li, Guofa; et al.
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Autonomous Driving  Cross-modal Attention  Human-machine Interaction  Large Language Models  Visual Grounding  
Suppression of Circulating Currents Among IPOP Single-Phase Three-Level Inverters Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2024,Volume: 71,Issue: 9,Page: 10533-10545
Authors:  Chai, Junwei;  Wang, Minghao;  Xu, Zhao;  Cheng, Ka Wai Eric
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Circulating Currents (Ccs)  Input-parallel Output-parallel (Ipop) Structure  Multiobjective Control  Three-level Neutral-point Clamped Inverter (3lnpci)  
Structured residual sparsity for video compressive sensing reconstruction Journal article
Signal Processing, 2024,Volume: 222,Page: 109513
Authors:  Zha, Zhiyuan;  Wen, Bihan;  Yuan, Xin;  Zhang, Jiachao;  Zhou, Jiantao; et al.
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Admm  Multi-hypothesis Prediction  Nonlocal Self-similarity  Structured Residual Sparsity  Video Cs Reconstruction  
Mechanism analysis of foam penetration in EPB shield tunnelling with a focus on FER and soil particle size Journal article
Underground Space, 2024,Volume: 17,Page: 170-187
Authors:  Huang, He;  Sun, Quan;  Xu, Tao;  Zhou, Wanhuan
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Epb  Foam Penetration  Permeability  Soil Conditioning  Tunnel Face  
Two-layer energy management strategy for grid-integrated multi-stack power-to-hydrogen station Journal article
Applied Energy, 2024,Volume: 367,Page: 123413
Authors:  Li, Jiarong;  Yang, Bosen;  Lin, Jin;  Liu, Feng;  Qiu, Yiwei; et al.
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Energy Management Strategy  Multi-stack  Power Factor  Power-to‑hydrogen  
Influences of bragg reflection on harbor resonance triggered by irregular wave groups Journal article
Ocean Engineering, 2024,Volume: 305,Page: 117941
Authors:  Gao, Junliang;  Hou, Linhui;  Liu, Yingyi;  Shi, Huabin
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Bragg Resonant Reflection  Funwave 2.0 Model  Harbor Resonance  Irregular Wave Groups  Sinusoidal Bars  
Embedding P2P transaction into demand response exchange: A cooperative demand response management framework for IES Journal article
Applied Energy, 2024,Volume: 367,Page: 123319
Authors:  Wang, Kang;  Wang, Chengfu;  Yao, Wenliang;  Zhang, Zhenwei;  Liu, Chao; et al.
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Demand Response Exchange  Demand Response Management  Integrated Energy System  Peer-to-peer Transaction  
A novel local-drag-force-based approach for simulating wave attenuation by mangrove forests using a 3D-SPH method Journal article
Ocean Engineering, 2024,Volume: 306,Page: 118001
Authors:  Peng, Ming;  Li, Shuang;  Gao, Liang;  Zhu, Yan;  Zhang, Jingliang
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Local Drag Force  Regular Wave  Sph  Wave Attenuation By Mangroves  
Experiment and simulation of the interface characteristics during the two-phase invasion between silicone oil and water Journal article
Authors:  Zheng, Xu;  Zhang, Ji;  Yu, Shilong;  Mei, Ning
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Associated Matter  Interface Characteristics  Molecular Dynamics Simulation  Silicon Oil-water Mixture  
Wireless point cloud transmission Conference paper
Lucca, Italy, 2024-09
Authors:  Bian Chenghong;  SHAO YULIN;  Dunduz Deniz
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