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The Palgrave Handbook on Politics of Gender and Identity in the Lusophone World: Referencing the past, understanding the present, and preparing the future Book
Singapore:Palgrave Macmillan, 2025
Authors:  Leandro, Francisco
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Gender  Portuguese-speaking Countries  Economics  Culture  Politics  
The Palgrave Handbook on Geopolitics of Brazil: Middle and South Atlantic Book
Singapore:Palgrave Macmillan, First, 2025
Authors:  Leandro, Francisco;  Frogeri, Rodrigo Franklin;  Li, Yichao;  Garcia, Francisco Proença;  Silva, Antonio Ruy de Almeida
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China  Brazil Federation  Russia  Atlantic Ocean  Strategic Surroundings  Antarctica  Lithium Triangle  U.s.  Blue Amazonia  Pan-amazonia  
Chinese Foreign Policy for the Global South: Partnership Strategy with Chinese Characteristics Journal article
TBD, 2025
Authors:  Leandro, Francisco;  Li, Yichao;  Xing Li
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Is China a Global Power? The Three Great Walls of the Middle Kingdom. Book
Singapore:Palgrave Macmillan, First, 2025
Authors:  Leandro, Francisco
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China  Geopolitics  Global Powers  Power  Great Powers  National Interest  
Contracting and Working with Interpreters: Engaging and Protecting Linguists Even When Everyone Has Left. Book chapter
出自: Routledge Handbook on Interpreting and Translation in Armed Conflicts.:Routledge, 2025
Authors:  Leandro, Francisco;  B., Eleonora
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Armed Conflicts  Legal Status  Interpreters  Non-combatants  Legal Protection  
Brazil: A key state engaging two geopolitical games towards a single objective Presentation
报告日期: 2024-07-19
Authors:  Leandro, Francisco
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Geopolitics  Brazil  United Nations Security Council  
Chinese Foreign Policy Strategy of Partnerships in the Global South Presentation
报告日期: 2024-07-16
Authors:  Leandro, Francisco;  Li, Yichao
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China  Partnerships  Global South  G77  
The Power of Unanimity in International Law Rulings: Evidence from Japan Conference
会议类型: 國際會議International Conferences, 2024
Authors:  DAINA CHIBA;  Ukyo Kanetaka;  Atsushi Tago
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Three-level Model of the Interplays in People-to-people Exchanges: From the Perspective of Sino-African Relations Newspaper Article
Authors:  Li, Yichao;  Leandro, Francisco
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China  People-to-people Exchanges  Africa  
中葡論壇成員國對 論壇未來對外關係 的四大期望 Newspaper Article
Authors:  Leandro, Francisco
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Forum Macau  Portuguese Speaking Countires