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Investor herding and price informativeness in global markets: Evidence from earnings announcements Journal article
Journal of Behavioral Finance, 2024
Authors:  Tao Chen;  Robert K. Larson;  Han Mo
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Earnings Announcements  Information Dissemination  Investigative Herding  Legal Systems  Political Regimes  Trader Disagreement  
Regtech Adoption and the Cost of Capital Journal article
Management Science, 2024,Volume: 70,Issue: 1,Page: 309–31
Authors:  Sandy Lai;  Lin Chen;  Xiaorong Ma
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Regtech  Information Acquisition Cost  Cost Of Capital  Liquidity  Corporate Governance  Edgar  
Non-investor Institutions' Site Visits and Corporate Social Responsibilities Journal article
Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies, 2023
Authors:  Tam, L.H.K.;  Tian, S.H.
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Corporate Site Visit  Corporate Social Responsibilities  Csr  Non-investor Institutions  Media  
Non-Investor Institutions' Site Visits and Corporate Social Responsibility* Journal article
Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies, 2023,Volume: 52,Issue: 6,Page: 889-923
Authors:  Tam, Lewis H.K.;  Tian, Shaohua
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Corporate Site Visit  Corporate Social Responsibility  Csr  G30  G34  M14  Media  Non-investor Institutions  
Liquidity shocks and the negative premium of liquidity volatility around the world Journal article
Journal of International Money and Finance, 2023,Volume: 139,Page: 1-20
Authors:  Feng, Frank Yulin;  Kang, Wenjin;  Zhang, Huiping
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International Equity Market  Liquidity Decrease  Liquidity Volatility  Return Predictability  Stock Return  
When Housing Markets Meet Shadow Banking - Bubbles, Mortgages, Securitization, and Fintech Book
Singapore:World Scientific Publishing Company, 2023
Authors:  Lai, R.N.;  Van Order, R.
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Housing Market Bubbles  Shadow Banking  Securitization  Mortgage Markets  U.s. Housing Markets  Chinese Housing Markets  
Does price limit improve price discovery? Evidence from IPO market in a quasi-natural experiment Journal article
Pacific Basin Finance Journal, 2023,Volume: 82
Authors:  Wang, Yuchen;  Cao, Xiaping;  Wang, Xiaoming;  Zhou, Sili
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China  Initial Public Offering  Price Discovery  Price Limit  
The performance of non-listed opportunity real estate funds in China Journal article
Journal of Property Investment and Finance, 2023,Volume: 41,Issue: 6,Page: 583-600
Authors:  Newell,Graeme;  Marzuki,Muhammad Jufri;  Hoesli,Martin;  Lai,Rose Neng
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Non-listed Real Estate Fund  Opportunity Real Estate Fund  China  Pan-asia  Risk-adjusted Performance  On-going China Real Estate Investment Strategy  
Accounting conservatism and common ownership by dedicated institutional blockholders Journal article
Journal of Business Finance & Accounting, 2023,Volume: 50,Issue: 9-10,Page: 1943 - 1983
Authors:  Cheng, C.S. Agnes;  Li, Xiaohui;  Xie, Jing;  Zhong, Yuxiang
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Accounting Conservatism  Blockholders  Common Ownership  Dedicated Investors  Peer Effect  Proxy Voting  Shareholder Activism  
Security Analysts’ Site Visits and Stock Price Synchronicity Journal article
Financial Markets, Institutions and Instruments, 2023,Volume: 32,Issue: 4,Page: 195 - 219
Authors:  Jiang,Yu;  Lei Adrian CH
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Corporate Governance  Hsr Introduction  Information Disclosure Quality  Security Analysts’ Site Visits  Stock Price Synchronicity