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Vicissitudes of the Underworld: Spatiality and Political Discourse in Hong Kong Gangster Films Journal article
JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies, 2023
Authors:  Lei, Chin-Pang
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Hong Kong  Gangster Films  Political Discourse  Space  Genre  Collective Emotion  
Stories about Somewhere Else: Mobility and “Spatial Others” in Hong Kong Cinema Journal article
Asian Studies Review, 2023
Authors:  Lei, Chin-Pang
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Parasocial relationship in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: A moderated mediation model of digital media exposure on political trust among Chinese young people Journal article
Computers in Human Behavior, 2023,Volume: 141
Authors:  Liu, Piper Liping
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China  Collectivism  Digital Media Exposure  Nanshan Zhong  Parasocial Relationship  Political Trust  
“Take the Longest Way to Cross the Street”: Mobile Women in Wong Kar-wai’s Films Journal article
Gender, Place and Culture, 2023
Authors:  Lei, Chin-Pang
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One Master, Many Identities: Kung Fu and History in the Films about Ip Man Journal article
Asian Journal of Social Science, 2023
Authors:  Lei, Chin-Pang
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The effect of mindfulness intervention on internet negative news perception and processing: An implicit and explicit approach Journal article
Frontiers in Psychology, 2023,Volume: 14
Authors:  Ya Yang;  Fang Su;  Huan Liu;  Xu Li
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Mindfulness Intervention  Global Climate Change  Negative Emotions  Single Category Implicit Association Test (Sc-iat)  Online Negative News  
Efect of information encounter on concerns over healthy eating– mediated through body comparison and moderated by body mass index or body satisfaction Journal article
BMC PUBLIC HEALTH, 2023,Volume: 23,Issue: 254
Authors:  Piper Liping Liu;  Angela Chang;  Matthew Tingchi Liu;  Jizhou, Francis Ye;  Wen Jiao;  Harris Song Ao;  Weixing Hu;  Kaibin Xu;  Xinshu Zhao
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Information Encounter  Information Scanning  Healthy Eating Concerns  Body Comparison  Bmi  Body Satisfaction  Average Percent Effect  Percentage Coefficient  Percentage Contribution  
Network struggle in China Book chapter
出自: The Right to Resist: Philosophies of Dissent:Brill, 2023
Authors:  Liu, Shih-Diing;  Song, Lin
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Witnessing #MeToo in Japan Journal article
Feminist Media Studies, 2023
Authors:  Tan, Yan;  Liu, Shih-Diing
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"Nice You Share in Return": Informational Sharing, Reciprocal Sharing, and Life Satisfaction Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Journal article
Social Indicators Research, 2023,Volume: 165,Issue: 2,Page: 453-471
Authors:  Liu, Piper Liping;  Huang, Vincent;  Zhan, Melannie;  Zhao, Xinshu
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Covid-19 Information Sharing  Life Satisfaction  Moderated Mediation  Reciprocity  Social Media