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选择螺旋中的议程协调 -- 以粤港澳大湾区十一个城市品牌作为选项 Journal article
当代港澳研究, 2024
Authors:  敖颂;  龚思颖;  肖倩;  夏希;  於佩雯; et al.
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大湾区  城市传播  选择螺旋  媒介效果  议程协调  
A study on identification of youth identity through a gender lens in network buzzwords: A critical discourse analysis Journal article
Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, 2024,Volume: 11,Issue: 1,Page: 130
Authors:  Tan, Huawei;  Yu, Yating
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Social Identity  
A WHO digital intervention to address depression among young Chinese adults: a type 1 effectiveness-implementation randomized controlled trial Journal article
Translational Psychiatry, 2024,Volume: 14,Issue: 1,Page: 102
Authors:  Li, Gen;  Sit, Hao Fong;  Chen, Wen;  Wu, Kunpeng;  Sou, Elvo Kuai Long; et al.
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Mental-health  Psychological Intervention  Symptoms  Validity  Disorder  Phq-9  
A Watchdog That No Longer Barks Investigative Journalism in China in Changing Times Conference paper
Gold Coast, 2024-06-21
Authors:  Wang, Haiyan;  Li, Angze
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Exploring the Sociological Impact of WeChat: From the Theoretical Perspective of Modernity Journal article
Javnost—The Public, 2024
Authors:  Wang, Haiyan;  Yin, Liange
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Propagating Breakups on Douban: Girlfriend Culture in a Digital Intimate Public Conference paper
Australia, 2024-06
Authors:  TAN Yan;  LIU SHIH DIING
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An exploratory study of foreign pseudohistory on a Chinese video-sharing website (Bilibili) Conference paper
Gold Coast, Australia, 2024-06
Authors:  Zhu, Yi;  Wang, Yichao;  Ma, Siyuan
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A four-year longitudinal analysis examining the effects of e-cigarette advertisements and disparities among youth with internalizing problems Journal article
Addictive Behaviors, 2024,Volume: 153,Page: 108002
Authors:  Zhang, Luxi;  Ao, Song Harris;  Zhao, Xinshu
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Addictive Behaviors  Adolescent Health  Advertisement  E-cigarette  Harm Perception  Internalizing Problems  
Association between health-related social media use and E-cigarette use among current cigarette users: the roles of anti-tobacco messages and harm perception Journal article
BMC Public Health, 2024,Volume: 24,Issue: 1,Page: 1278
Authors:  Luxi Zhang;  Sha Sarah Qiu;  Song Harris Ao;  Xinshu Zhao
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Health-related Social Media Use  Current Cigarette Users  E-cigarette Use  Online Anti-tobacco Messages Exposure  Harm Perception Of E-cigarettes  
Occasioned Semantics and Membership Categorisation Analysis: Fields of meaning, categorial consistency and omni-relevance Journal article
Journal of Pragmatics, 2024,Volume: 226,Page: 17-30
Authors:  Kim, Younhee;  Fitzgerald, Richard
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Definitions  Fields Of Meaning  Membership Categorisation Analysis  Occasioned Semantics  Omni-relevance  Structures Of Meaning