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Realizing Traditional Values Through Overseas Education: Value Conflicts and Cultural Change in China. Current anthropology Journal article
Current Anthropology, 2024,Volume: not out yet,Issue: not out yet,Page: not out yet
Authors:  CHEN JUAN
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Overseas Education  
Mind the gap: Explaining discrepancies between medical and criminal justice homicide data sources Presentation
会议地点: Stockholm, Sweden, 会议日期: 10/6/2024 to 13/6/2024, 报告日期: 2024-06-01
Authors:  JIANG BO;  Mateus Renno Santos;  Gary LaFree
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Corrigendum to “Future scenarios of digital technology-driven energy consumption in South Korea” [Energy Rep. 11 (2024) 908–913, (S2352484723016293), (10.1016/j.egyr.2023.12.036)] Other
Authors:  Choi, Ji Young;  Yim, Hyun;  Chi, Soo Young;  Lee, Myoung Jin
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Income, aging, and the gendered patterns of wellness: Physical health and subjective well-being in China Journal article
JOURNAL OF WOMEN & AGING, 2024,Volume: 36,Issue: 4,Page: 343-358
Authors:  Jinjin Liu;  Yue Liu;  Yingzhu Pu;  Tony Huiquan Zhang 张汇泉
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Physical Health  Subjective Wellbeing  China  Gendet  Income  
How Do Toothless Tigers Bite? Extra-Institutional Governance and Internet Censorship by Local Governments in China Journal article
the China Quarterly, 2024,Page: 1-20
Authors:  Tony Huiquan Zhang;  Jianhua Xu;  Jinjin Liu
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China Studies  
Magic and Empiricism in Early Chinese Rainmaking A Cultural Evolutionary Analysis Journal article
Current Anthropology, 2024,Volume: 65,Issue: 2,Page: 343-363
Authors:  Hong, Ze;  Slingerland, Edward;  Henrich, Joseph
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Policing juvenile delinquency in China: Exploring the influence of officer-related individual and organizational factors on discretionary police decision-making Journal article
Children and Youth Services Review, 2024,Volume: 158,Page: 107459
Authors:  Yin, Xinman;  Zhao, Ruohui
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China  Individual Characteristics  Juvenile Delinquency  Organizational Support  Police Discretion  
Evolving payoff currencies through the construction of causal theories Journal article
AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGIST, 2024,Volume: 126,Issue: 1,Page: 71-82
Authors:  Hong, Ze;  Henrich, Joseph
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Cultural Evolution  Payoff-biased Imitation  Theory-building  
National Unemployment Rate and the Meaning of Work: A Cross-level Examination Journal article
European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 2024
Authors:  Jing Hu;  Tony Huiquan Zhang
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Work Meaning  Unemployment  Intrinsic Motivation  Extrinsic Motivation  Uncertainty  
Comparing the Determinants of Worldwide Homicide and Terrorism Journal article
Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 2024,Volume: 40,Issue: 1,Page: 172-196
Authors:  LaFree, Gary;  Jiang, Bo;  Yanez, Yesenia
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Homicide  Terrorism  Globalization  Democratization  Comparative