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Targeted therapies of inflammatory diseases with intracellularly gelated macrophages in mice and rats Journal article
Nature Communications, 2024,Volume: 15,Issue: 1,Page: 328
Authors:  Gao, Cheng;  Wang, Qingfu;  Ding, Yuanfu;  Kwong, Cheryl H.T.;  Liu, Jinwei; et al.
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Drug screening on digital microfluidics for cancer precision medicine Journal article
Nature Communications, 2024,Volume: 15,Issue: 1
Authors:  Zhai, Jiao;  Liu, Yingying;  Ji, Weiqing;  Huang, Xinru;  Wang, Ping; et al.
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Fusion Multilevel Hybrid Multi-VSC Topology's m-to-1 Rating Design for Current Sharing With Reduced Capacity and Enhanced Efficiency Journal article
IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS, 2024,Volume: 71,Issue: 8,Page: 8291-8303
Authors:  Pang, Ying;  Wong, Man Chung;  Li, Gang;  Zhou, Haigen;  Lin, Jun
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Cascaded H-bridge (Chb)  Multilevel  Multi-vsc  Power Loss  Power Quality  Voltage Source Converter (Vsc)  
Optimal expansion planning of 5G and distribution systems considering source-network-load-storage coordination Journal article
Applied Energy, 2024,Volume: 366,Page: 123372
Authors:  Xiang, Shizhe;  Xu, Da;  Wang, Pengda;  Bai, Ziyi;  Zeng, Lingxiong
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5g Network  Distribution System  Energy Storage  Renewable Energy  
Experiment and simulation of the interface characteristics during the two-phase invasion between silicone oil and water Journal article
Authors:  Zheng, Xu;  Zhang, Ji;  Yu, Shilong;  Mei, Ning
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Associated Matter  Interface Characteristics  Molecular Dynamics Simulation  Silicon Oil-water Mixture  
Dynamic response improvement for multi-terminal DC system with AI-designed adaptive dynamic reference control Journal article
International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems, 2024,Volume: 158,Page: 109967
Authors:  Yang, Qifan;  Lin, Gang;  Jin, Xin;  Zhang, Bin;  Dai, Ningyi
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Adaptive Dynamic Reference  Dynamic Response  Parameter Design  Voltage Source Converter  
A cost-effective and field-deployable sensing system for chip-integrated detection of bacteria with the naked eye Journal article
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2024,Volume: 410,Page: 135668
Authors:  Shen, Ren;  Hui, Wenhao;  Wu, Wenguang;  Yang, Ning;  Lin, Xiaodong; et al.
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Bacteria Detection  Microfluidics  Naked-eye  Pcr  Poct  
A Power-Decoupled Three-Phase Current Source Inverter with Model Predictive Control in An Unbalanced Grid Journal article
International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems, 2024,Volume: 157,Page: 109781
Authors:  Liu, Yonghui;  Wang, Minghao;  Xu, Zhao;  Lyu, Xue;  Peng, Yang; et al.
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Current Source Inverter (Csi)  Model Predictive Control (Mpc)  Power Decoupling (Pd)  Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (Svpwm)  
Analysis and Optimization of Carrier Phase Displacement Angles for Modular Multilevel Converters With PSC-PWM Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, 2024,Volume: 39,Issue: 6,Page: 6803-6817
Authors:  Zhang, Bin;  Yin, Jiapeng;  Yang, Qifan;  Dai, Ningyi
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Common Mode Voltage (Cmv)  Line-to-line Voltage (Llv)  Modular Multilevel Converter (Mmc)  Phase-shifted Carrier Pulsewidth Modulation (Psc-pwm)  
Robust allocation of distributed energy storage systems considering locational frequency security Journal article
International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, 2024,Volume: 157,Page: 109903
Authors:  Rushuai Han;  Qinran Hu;  Hongcai Zhang;  Yi Ge;  Xiangjun Quan; et al.
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Locational Frequency Security  Distributed Energy Storage Systems  Fast Frequency Support  Constraint Linearization  Robust Allocation