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Creation of New Academic Knowledge Spaces through Repatriated Self-translation of Foreign Language Writings: The Case of Migrant Historian Ray Huang Journal article
Target: International Journal of Translation Studies, 2024
Authors:  SUN YIFENG
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‘“A Psychical Phenomenon”: Theosophy and Vampire Literature’ Book chapter
出自: Victorian Gothic and the Occult, Basingstoke:Palgrave Macmillan, 2024
Authors:  GROOM, NICK
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Vampires  The Occult  Gothic  Henry Steel Olcott  Bram Stoker  
Consumed by Affects Presentation
会议地点: Education University of Hong Kong, 会议日期: 2024-03-11, 报告日期: 2024-03-11
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Linguistic landscape in transnational areas: a comparative study of African and Korean neighbourhoods in Guangzhou Journal article
International Journal of Multilingualism, 2024,Volume: 21,Issue: 1,Page: 489-515
Authors:  Liao, Cecily Ran;  Chan, Brian Hok Shing
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Ethnic Neighbourhood  Guangzhou  Linguistic Landscape  Low-end Globalisation  Shop Name Signs  Symbolic Economy  
Literary Vampires in the Long Eighteenth Century Book chapter
出自: The Vampire: An Edinburgh Companion, Edinburgh:Edinburgh University Press, 2024
Authors:  GROOM, NICK
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Vampires  Politics  Eighteenth-century Literature  
From Pointed to Pointing: The Politics of Gothic Punctuation in the Long Eighteenth Century Book chapter
出自: The Cambridge History of Punctuation in English Literature, 3 vols, Cambridge:Cambridge University Press, 2024
Authors:  GROOM, NICK
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Gothic  Punctuation  Laurence Sterne  Tristram Shandy  Horace Walpole  Thomas De Quincey  
The Undead and Eternal Book chapter
出自: The Cultural History of Death: vol. iv. In the Age of Enlightenment, London, New York, Oxford, New Delhi, Sydney:Bloomsbury Academic, 2024, 页码: 167-185
Authors:  GROOM, NICK
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Vampires  Death  Ghosts  
Code-switching in Hong Kong Book chapter
出自: Language Contact: An International Handbook (Volume 2):Mouton De Gruyter, 2024
Authors:  Chan, Brian Hok-Shing
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Code-switching  Hong Kong  Language Contact  
The development of discourse markers from etymologically-related words in Chinese and Japanese Project
项目类型: MYRG, 项目编号: MYRG-GRG2023-00161-FAH, 2024-2025
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Doing “being friends” in conversation-for-learning: From language learner-tutor to buddies. Book chapter
出自: Navigating friendships in interaction: DIscursive and Ethnographic Perspectives, New York:Routledge, 2024, 页码: 9-31
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Friendship, Conversation-for-learning, Longitudinal Data, Membership Categorisation, Topical Talk