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A high-resolution imaging platform augmented with electrocardiodynamic modeling on a supercomputer and its application in early cardiomyopathy screening Project
项目类型: FDCT, 项目编号: 20221208101621361/AMJ, 2024-
Authors:  Xiao-Chuan Cai;  Li Luo
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具有学习能力的大规模非线性方程组并行求解算法研究(国自然面上项目) Project
项目类型: Others, 项目编号: 1237011526, 2024-
Authors:  羅力
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A numerical study of integrated linear reconstruction for steady Euler equations based on finite volume scheme Journal article
Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 2023
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An extended Ulm-like method for inverse singular value problems with multiple and/or zero singular values Journal article
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 2023,Volume: 432,Page: 115261
Authors:  Jinhua Wang;  Weiping Shen;  Chong Li;  Xiaoqing Jin
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Inverse Singular Value Problem  Nonlinear Equation  Ulm-like Method  
An MP-DWR method for h-adaptive finite element methods Journal article
Numerical Algorithms, 2023,Volume: 94,Issue: 3,Page: 1309 - 1329
Authors:  Liu,Chengyu;  Hu,Guanghui
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C++++ Template  Dual-weighted Residual  Finite Element Method  H-adaptive Mesh Method  Multiple-precision  
A weighted ADI scheme with variable time steps for diffusion-wave equations Journal article
CALCOLO, 2023,Volume: 60,Issue: 4,Page: 49
Authors:  Pin Lyu;  Seakweng Vong
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Adi Method  Diffusion-wave Equation  Nonuniform Mesh  Weak Singularity  
Preconditioned fourth-order exponential integrator for two-dimensional nonlinear fractional Ginzburg-Landau equation Journal article
Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 2023,Volume: 150,Page: 211-228
Authors:  Zhang, Lu;  Zhang, Qifeng;  Sun, Hai Wei
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Exponential Integrator  Fractional Complex Ginzburg-landau Equation  Toeplitz Matrix  τ Matrix Preconditioner  Φ-function  
Sharp bounds for the operator norm of commutator Journal article
Filomat, 2023,Volume: 37,Issue: 27,Page: 9183-9195
Authors:  Cheng, Che Man;  Hoi, Ka Leong
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Constructing a nonlinearly preconditioned inexact Newton method by unsupervised learning and an application in hyperelastic modeling of human artery with stenosis Conference paper
ACM, Denver, Colorado, Novermber 12–17, 2023
Authors:  Yujie Gong;  Li Luo;  Xiao-Chuan Cai
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Adaptive reweighted quaternion sparse learning for data recovery and classification Journal article
Pattern Recognition, 2023,Volume: 142,Page: 109653
Authors:  Zou,Cuiming;  Kou,Kit Ian;  Tang,Yuan Yan;  Deng,Hao
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Quaternion Sparse Representation  Supervised Learning  Weight Learning