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Prevalence and network analysis of internet addiction, depression and their associations with sleep quality among commercial airline pilots: A national survey in China Journal article
Journal of Affective Disorders, 2024,Volume: 356,Page: 597-603
Authors:  Sun, He Li;  Chen, Pan;  Zhang, Qinge;  Si, Tong Leong;  Li, Yan Zhang; et al.
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Airline Pilots  Depression  Internet Addiction  Network Analysis  Sleep Quality  
Inter-relationships of depression and insomnia symptoms with life satisfaction in stroke and stroke-free older adults: Findings from the Health and Retirement Study based on network analysis and propensity score matching Journal article
Journal of Affective Disorders, 2024,Volume: 356,Page: 568-576
Authors:  Chen, Pan;  Sun, He Li;  Zhang, Ling;  Feng, Yuan;  Sha, Sha; et al.
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Depression  Insomnia  Life Satisfaction  Network Analysis  Older Adults  Stroke  
The impacts of early environmental adversity on cognitive functioning, body mass, and life-history behavioral profiles Journal article
Brain and Cognition, 2024,Volume: 177,Page: 106159
Authors:  Yang, Anting;  Jing Lu, Hui;  Chang, Lei
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Body Mass Index (Bmi)  Cognitive Development  Cognitive Functions  Early Environmental Adversity  Life History Theory  Trade-off  
Self-objectification in Chinese pregnant women: The mixed role of functionality appreciation Journal article
Body Image, 2024,Volume: 49,Page: 101698
Authors:  Barnhart, Wesley R.;  Cui, Shuqi;  Xu, Yinuo;  Cui, Tianxiang;  Tan, Chuyi; et al.
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Chinese Pregnant Women  Disordered Eating  Functionality Appreciation  Objectification Theory  Psychological Distress  Self-objectification  
The metacognitive-motivational links between stress and short-form video addiction Journal article
Technology in Society, 2024,Volume: 77,Page: 102548
Authors:  Sun, Ruimei;  Zhang, Meng Xuan;  Yeh, Chunmin;  Ung, Carolina Oi Lam;  Wu, Anise M.S.
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Escape/coping Motives  Metacognition  Short-form Video Addiction  Stress  
Exploring the associations between muscularity teasing and eating and body image disturbances in Chinese men and women Journal article
Body Image, 2024,Volume: 49,Page: 101697
Authors:  He, Jinbo;  Cui, Shuqi;  Cui, Tianxiang;  Barnhart, Wesley R.;  Han, Jiayi; et al.
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Body Dissatisfaction  Chinese  Disordered Eating  Muscularity Teasing  Weight Teasing  
The Vicious Cycle between Loneliness and Problematic Smartphone Use among Adolescents: A Random Intercept Cross-Lagged Panel Model Journal article
Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 2024,Volume: 53,Issue: 6,Page: 1428-1440
Authors:  Zhao, Chengjia;  Ding, Huimin;  Du, Mingxuan;  Yu, Yanqiu;  Chen, Juliet Honglei; et al.
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Adolescents  Educational Levels  Gender  Loneliness  Problematic Smartphone Use  Random Intercept Cross-lagged Panel Model  
Inter-relationships between suicidality and depressive symptoms among children and adolescents experiencing crisis: A network perspective Journal article
Journal of Affective Disorders, 2024,Volume: 354,Page: 44-50
Authors:  Li, Wen;  Xiang, Mi;  Zhang, Er Liang;  Liu, Yujie;  Ge, Xin; et al.
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Children And Adolescents  Covid-19  Depressive Symptoms  Network Analysis  Suicidality  
A qualitative investigation on the resilience of parents of children with autism spectrum disorder in Macau Journal article
Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 2024,Volume: 113,Page: 102357
Authors:  Lam, Kelly Ka Lai;  Chan, Chong Nga;  Wong, Louise Ho;  He, Yanping;  Lin, Xiuyun; et al.
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Asd  Parenting  Qualitative Study  Resilience  Stress  
Assessing the Role of Cortisol in Anxiety, Major Depression, and Neuroticism: A Mendelian Randomization Study Using SERPINA6/SERPINA1 Variants Journal article
Biological Psychiatry Global Open Science, 2024,Volume: 4,Issue: 3,Page: 100294
Authors:  Chan, Io Ieong;  Wu, Anise M.S.
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Anxiety  Cortisol  Depression  Mendelian Randomization  Neuroticism