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Elucidating the impact of sulfur precursors on the reactivity, toxicity, and colloidal stability of post-sulfidized nanoscale zerovalent iron Journal article
Separation and Purification Technology, 2024
Authors:  Yujun Cheng;  Peng Hu;  Tianwei Hao
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Enhanced electrochemical treatment of humic acids and metal ions in leachate concentrate: Experimental and molecular mechanism investigations Journal article
Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2024,Volume: 462,Page: 132774
Authors:  Peng Hu;  Huankai Li;  Yunkai Tan;  Adeyemi S. Adeleye;  Tianwei Hao
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Carbon-neutral potential in treatment of N, N-dimethylformamide-containing industrial wastewater: Comparative investigation of energy conservation, carbon reduction and expenditure between UASB and Fe Journal article
Journal of Water Process Engineering, 2023,Volume: 56,Page: 104325
Authors:  Xinwei Tan;  Yuqin Fan;  Xinzheng Zhang;  Tianwei Hao;  Rong Chen; et al.
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Biodiesel production and properties estimation from food waste and domestic wastewater by Rhodosporidium toruloides Journal article
Journal of Environmental Management, 2023,Volume: 148,Page: 119368
Authors:  Naiwen Chen;  Yimin Xie;  Zhiwei Liang;  HOJAE SHIM
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From micro to macro: The role of seawater in maintaining structural integrity and bioactivity of granules in treating antibiotic-laden mariculture wastewater Journal article
Water Research, 2023,Volume: 246,Page: 120702
Authors:  Guangsheng Qian;  Jingyi Shao;  Peng Hu;  Wentao Tang;  Yihang Xiao; et al.
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Near-Optimal Scheduling for Crowdsourced Transit System With Skip-Stop Tactic Journal article
IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON KNOWLEDGE AND DATA ENGINEERING, 2023,Volume: 35,Issue: 11,Page: 11668-11680
Authors:  Hanlin Li;  Xiaowei Wu;  Leong Hou U;  Kun Pang Kou
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Near-optimal Scheduling  Skip-stop  
Agreement in quantification of removable prosthesis plaque area coverage using a semi-automated planimetric assessment method Journal article
Journal of Dentistry, 2023,Volume: 138,Page: 104721
Authors:  Lim, Tong Wah;  Pan, Hongyi;  Pan, Mi;  Burrow, Michael Francis;  McGrath, Colman
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Cleanliness Index  Percentage Plaque Area Coverage  Planimetric Assessment  Removable Dental Prosthesis  Removable Denture  
Construction of Ce3+ modified conversion film on oxide scale of plain steel rebars to greatly enhance the corrosion resistance Journal article
Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 2023,Volume: 27,Page: 4403-4415
Authors:  Zeng, Yanwei;  Yang, Liu;  Liu, Guoqiang;  Guo, Yichao;  Lei, Bing; et al.
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Cerium Oxide  Conversion Film  Corrosion  Oxide Scales  Sol-gel  
Prediction of Ground Surface Settlements by Analytical Method and Finite Element Model Conference paper
Bangkok,Thailand, 25-27, Oct., 2023
Authors:  Lok, Man Hoi;  Wang, Yuan Hang
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The effect of damping on a simulation for the dispersion curve of the surface wave Conference paper
Bangkok,Thailand, 25-27, Oct., 2023
Authors:  Lok, Man Hoi;  Zhou, Zan
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