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GPT-4 enhanced multimodal grounding for autonomous driving: Leveraging cross-modal attention with large language models Journal article
Communications in Transportation Research, 2024,Volume: 4,Page: 100116
Authors:  Liao, Haicheng;  Shen, Huanming;  Li, Zhenning;  Wang, Chengyue;  Li, Guofa; et al.
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Autonomous Driving  Cross-modal Attention  Human-machine Interaction  Large Language Models  Visual Grounding  
Mechanism analysis of foam penetration in EPB shield tunnelling with a focus on FER and soil particle size Journal article
Underground Space, 2024,Volume: 17,Page: 170-187
Authors:  Huang, He;  Sun, Quan;  Xu, Tao;  Zhou, Wanhuan
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Epb  Foam Penetration  Permeability  Soil Conditioning  Tunnel Face  
Carbon fixation via volatile fatty acids recovery from sewage sludge through electrochemical–pretreatment–based anaerobic digestion Journal article
Water Research, 2024,Volume: 258
Authors:  Tan, Yunkai;  Xiao, Yihang;  Hao, Tianwei
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Anaerobic digestion  Electrochemical pretreatment  Interfacial thermodynamics  Molecular docking  Sewage sludge  Volatile fatty acid  
Reliability-Based Topology Optimization for Optimal Layout of Active Controllers of Structures under Random Excitation Journal article
Journal of Engineering Mechanics, 2024,Volume: 150,Issue: 6,Page: 04024030
Authors:  Yu, Wenqian;  Su, Cheng;  Guo, Houzuo
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Explicit Stochastic Optimal Control  Sensitivity Analysis  Solid Isotropic Material With Penalization  Topology Optimization  
Pose stabilization control for actuator delayed rigid body dynamics on SE(3) with predicted feedback Journal article
Journal of the Franklin Institute, 2024,Volume: 361,Issue: 9,Page: 106866
Authors:  Peng, Xiuhui;  Zhou, Yijia;  Sun, Zhiyong;  Yuen, Ka Veng
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Actuator Delay  Predicted Feedback  Rigid Body Dynamics  Special Euclidean Group Se(3)  
MPM formulations for the coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical behaviour of saturated and unsaturated soils Journal article
Computers and Geotechnics, 2024,Volume: 170,Page: 106313
Authors:  Zhan, Z. Q.;  Zhou, C.;  Liu, C. Q.;  Du, J. T.
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Landslides  Numerical Modelling  Partial Saturation  Slopes  Temperature Effects  
Corrigendum to “Block shear performance of double-line bolted S690 steel angles under uniaxial tension” [Thin-Walled Structures, 2022 (171) 108668] (Thin-Walled Structures (2022) 171, (S0263823121007059), (10.1016/j.tws.2021.108668)) Other
Authors:  Ke, Ke;  Zhang, Mingyuan;  Yam, Michael CH;  Lam, Angus CC;  Wang, Junjie; et al.
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New insights on ecological roles of waste activated sludge in nutrient-stressed co-digestion Journal article
Bioresource Technology, 2024,Volume: 402
Authors:  Xiao, Yihang;  Hao, Tianwei
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Anaerobic digestion  Co-digestion  Nutrient imbalance  Steady state  Waste sludge  
Improved data assimilation for algal bloom dynamics simulation in the Three Gorges Reservoir using particle filter Journal article
Science of the Total Environment, 2024,Volume: 926,Page: 172009
Authors:  Huang, Lei;  Xu, Xingya;  Fang, Hongwei;  He, Guojian;  Gao, Qifeng; et al.
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Algal Bloom  Data Assimilation  Efdc  Particle Filter  Xiangxi Bay  
Field comparison of dual- and single-spot Aethalometers: equivalent black carbon, light absorption, Ångström exponent and secondary brown carbon estimations Journal article
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 2024,Volume: 17,Issue: 9,Page: 2917-2936
Authors:  Wu, Liangbin;  Wu, Cheng;  Deng, Tao;  Wu, Dui;  Li, Mei; et al.
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