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Self-taught Multi-view Spectral Clustering Journal article
Pattern Recognition, 2023,Volume: 138
Authors:  Zhong, Guo;  Pun, Chi Man
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Graph Clustering  Multi-view Clustering  Spectral Clustering  Spectral Rotation  
RESKM: A General Framework to Accelerate Large-Scale Spectral Clustering Journal article
PATTERN RECOGNITION, 2023,Volume: 137,Page: 109275
Authors:  Yang, Geping;  Deng, Sucheng;  Chen, Xiang;  Chen, Can;  Yang, Yiyang;  Gong, Zhiguo;  Hao, Zhifeng
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Large-scale  Machine Learning  Spectral Clustering  Unsupervised Learning  
Geometric consistent fuzzy cluster ensemble with membership reconstruction for image segmentation Journal article
DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING, 2023,Volume: 134,Page: 103901
Authors:  Shi, Pengfei;  Guo, Li;  Cui, Hairong;  Chen, Long
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Fuzzy Ensemble Cluster  Image Segmentation  Local Geometry Structure  Membership Linear Reconstruction  Prior Knowledge  
Single-cell and spatial transcriptome analyses revealed cell heterogeneity and immune environment alternations in metastatic axillary lymph nodes in breast cancer Journal article
Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy, 2023,Volume: 72,Issue: 3,Page: 679-695
Authors:  Mao, Xiaofan;  Zhou, Dan;  Lin, Kairong;  Zhang, Beiying;  Gao, Juntao;  Ling, Fei;  Zhu, Lewei;  Yu, Sifei;  Chen, Peixian;  Zhang, Chuling;  Zhang, Chunguo;  Ye, Guolin;  Fong, Simon;  Chen, Guoqiang;  Luo, Wei
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Breast Cancer  Circulating Immune System  Immune And Stromal Cell Heterogeneity  Metastatic Lymph Nodes  Single-cell And Spatial Sequencing  
Multiple Complementary Priors for Multispectral Image Compressive Sensing Reconstruction Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 2023
Authors:  Zhiyuan Zha;  Bihan Wen;  Xin Yuan;  Jiachao Zhang;  Jiantao Zhou;  Xudong Jiang;  Ce Zhu
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Graph Enhanced Fuzzy Clustering for Categorical Data Using a Bayesian Dissimilarity Measure Journal article
IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON FUZZY SYSTEMS, 2023,Volume: 31,Issue: 3,Page: 810 - 824
Authors:  Zhang, Chuanbin;  Chen, Long;  Zhao, Yin Ping;  Wang, Yingxu;  Chen, C. L.P.
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Bayes Methods  Bayesian Methods  Categorical Data  Clustering Algorithms  Estimation  Fuzzy Centroids  Fuzzy Clustering  Graph  Kernel  Kullbackleibler Divergence  Linear Programming  Manifolds  Probabilistic Logic  
SmartDL: energy-aware decremental learning in a mobile-based federation for geo-spatial system Journal article
NEURAL COMPUTING & APPLICATIONS, 2023,Volume: 35,Issue: 5,Page: 3677–3696
Authors:  Zou, Wenting;  Li, Li;  Xu, Zichen;  Wu, Dan;  Xu, Cheng Zhong;  Wang, Yuhao;  Zhu, Haoyang;  Sun, Xiao
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Data Privacy  Energy Management  Federated Learning  Mobile Computing  
Coarse-to-Fine: Progressive Knowledge Transfer-Based Multitask Convolutional Neural Network for Intelligent Large-Scale Fault Diagnosis Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 2023,Volume: 34,Issue: 2,Page: 761-774
Authors:  Wang, Yu;  Liu, Ruonan;  Lin, Di;  Chen, Dongyue;  Li, Ping;  Hu, Qinghua;  Chen, C. L.Philip
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Coarse-to-fine  Knowledge Transfer  Large-scale Fault Diagnosis Of Complex System  Multitask Convolutional Neural Network (Mcnn)  Structure Learning  
Learning salient self-representation for image recognition via orthogonal transformation Journal article
EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS, 2023,Volume: 212,Page: 118663
Authors:  Jianhang Zhou;  Shaoning Zeng;  Bob Zhang
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Pattern Classification  Self-representation  Orthogonal Transformation  Linear Orthogonal Transformation  
Multi-stage image denoising with the wavelet transform Journal article
PATTERN RECOGNITION, 2023,Volume: 134,Page: 109050
Authors:  Chunwei Tian;  Menghua Zheng;  Wangmeng Zuo;  Bob Zhang;  Yanning Zhang;  David Zhang
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Image Denoising  Cnn  Wavelet Transform  Dynamic Convolution  Signal Processing