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Sense of place of tourism destinations in a metaverse paradigm Journal article
Tourism Management, 2024,Volume: 105,Page: 104958
Authors:  Miao, Li;  Yang, Fiona X.;  Hu, Jingjing;  Wang, Kanye Ye;  Zhang, Qiao
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Metaverse Tourism  Paradigm Shift  Sense Of Place  Synthetic Reality  
GPT-4 enhanced multimodal grounding for autonomous driving: Leveraging cross-modal attention with large language models Journal article
Communications in Transportation Research, 2024,Volume: 4,Page: 100116
Authors:  Liao, Haicheng;  Shen, Huanming;  Li, Zhenning;  Wang, Chengyue;  Li, Guofa; et al.
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Autonomous Driving  Cross-modal Attention  Human-machine Interaction  Large Language Models  Visual Grounding  
X2-Softmax: Margin adaptive loss function for face recognition Journal article
Expert Systems with Applications, 2024,Volume: 249,Page: 123791
Authors:  Xu, Jiamu;  Liu, Xiaoxiang;  Zhang, Xinyuan;  Si, Yain Whar;  Li, Xiaofan; et al.
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Adaptive Margins  Deep Neural Networks  Face Recognition  Loss Function  Machine Learning  
Robust deep fuzzy K-means clustering for image data Journal article
Pattern Recognition, 2024,Volume: 153,Page: 110504
Authors:  Wu, Xiaoling;  Yu, Yu Feng;  Chen, Long;  Ding, Weiping;  Wang, Yingxu
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Deep Convolutional Autoencoder  Laplacian Regularization  Locality Preserving  Unsupervised Image Clustering  
Towards machine-readable semantic-based E-business contract representations using Network of Timed Automata (NTA) Journal article
Future Generation Computer Systems, 2024,Volume: 158,Page: 457-471
Authors:  Qin, Peng;  Hu, Quanyi;  Cui, Menglin
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E-business  Information Processing  Knowledge Engineering  Semantic Analysis  Smart Contract  
Hand-based multimodal biometric fusion: A review Review article
Authors:  Li, Shuyi;  Fei, Lunke;  Zhang, Bob;  Ning, Xin;  Wu, Lifang
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Feature Fusion  Hand-based Biometrics  Multimodal  Survey  
Structured residual sparsity for video compressive sensing reconstruction Journal article
Signal Processing, 2024,Volume: 222,Page: 109513
Authors:  Zha, Zhiyuan;  Wen, Bihan;  Yuan, Xin;  Zhang, Jiachao;  Zhou, Jiantao; et al.
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Admm  Multi-hypothesis Prediction  Nonlocal Self-similarity  Structured Residual Sparsity  Video Cs Reconstruction  
Residual Feature-Reutilization Inception Network Journal article
Pattern Recognition, 2024,Volume: 152,Page: 110439
Authors:  He, Yuanpeng;  Song, Wenjie;  Li, Lijian;  Zhan, Tianxiang;  Jiao, Wenpin
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Feature-reutilization  Inception  Residual Connection  
Dual low-rank structure embedding for robust visual information processing Journal article
Knowledge-Based Systems, 2024,Volume: 296,Page: 111824
Authors:  Zhou, Jianhang;  Zhang, Hengmin;  Li, Shuyi;  Zhang, Bob;  Fang, Leyuan; et al.
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Bayesian Inference  Low Rank  Structure Embedding  Visual Information Processing  
Black-box reversible adversarial examples with invertible neural network Journal article
Image and Vision Computing, 2024,Volume: 147
Authors:  Huang, Jielun;  Huang, Guoheng;  Zhang, Xuhui;  Yuan, Xiaochen;  Xie, Fenfang; et al.
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Adversarial attack  Image restoration  Invertible neural network