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Rational design of cocatalyst for highly improved ammonia production from photoelectrochemical nitrate reduction Journal article
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2024,Volume: 351,Page: 123980
Authors:  Liu, Di;  Peng, Shuyang;  Qiao, Lulu;  Bai, Haoyun;  An, Keyu; et al.
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Ammonia Production  Dft Calculations  Nitrate Reduction  Photoelectrocatalysis  
Multiferroicity in 2D MSX2 (M = Nb and Zr; X = Cl, Br, and I) Journal article
Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2024,Volume: 12,Issue: 17,Page: 6131-6139
Authors:  Li, Yutong;  Bai, Haoyun;  Yu, Zhichao;  Kwok, Chi Tat;  Pan, Hui
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Designing high-performance pure-red metal halide perovskite materials and light-emitting diodes for Rec. 2020 display Review article
Authors:  Mei, Shiliang;  Yin, Jialin;  Xing, Yifeng;  He, Haiyang;  Gu, Hao; et al.
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Device Stability  Light-emitting Diodes  Metal Halide Perovskites  Pure-red Emission  
Interfacial “Double-Terminal Binding Sites” Catalysts Synergistically Boosting the Electrocatalytic Li2S Redox for Durable Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Journal article
ACS Nano, 2024,Volume: 18,Issue: 12,Page: 8839-8852
Authors:  Xu, Huifang;  Jiang, Qingbin;  Hui, Kwan San;  Wang, Shuo;  Liu, Lingwen; et al.
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Binding Energy  Double-terminal Binding Sites  Energy Barriers  Separator Architecture  Superb Electrocatalysis  
Fundamentally Manipulating the Electronic Structure of Polar Bifunctional Catalysts for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries: Heterojunction Design versus Doping Engineering Journal article
Advanced Science, 2024
Authors:  Xu, Huifang;  Jiang, Qingbin;  Shu, Zheng;  Hui, Kwan San;  Wang, Shuo; et al.
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Active Sites  Doping Strategies  Electronic Structures  Heterogeneous Structures  Polar Catalysts  
Molecular engineering of polymeric carbon nitride for photocatalytic hydrogen production with ultrahigh apparent quantum efficiency Journal article
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2024,Volume: 12,Issue: 15,Page: 9200-9211
Authors:  Liu, Haiyang;  Liu, Xiaolu;  Xu, Chengqun;  Wang, Dongyu;  Li, Dezhi; et al.
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Conjugated Polymers  Deficient G-c3n4  Solar Hydrogen  Single-atom  Evolution  Crystalline  Semiconductors  H-2  
Triggering efficient reconstructions of Co/Fe dual-metal incorporated Ni hydroxide by phosphate additives for electrochemical hydrogen and oxygen evolutions Journal article
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2024,Volume: 657,Page: 705-715
Authors:  Feng, Jinxian;  Qiao, Lulu;  Liu, Chunfa;  Zhou, Pengfei;  Feng, Wenlin; et al.
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Alkali Water Electrolysis  Incorporated Ni Hydroxide  Phosphate Additives  Surface Reconstruction  
Large-n quasi-phase-pure two-dimensional halide perovskite: A toolbox from materials to devices Journal article
Science Bulletin, 2024,Volume: 69,Issue: 3,Page: 382-418
Authors:  Li, Zijia;  Lin, Yuexin;  Gu, Hao;  Zhang, Nan;  Wang, Bin; et al.
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Heterojunction  Large-n value  Pure phase  Single crystal  Thin film  Tow-dimensional halide perovskite  
Combination of Efficient Red Fluorescence and High Photothermal Conversion in the Second Near-Infrared Window from Carbon Dots through Photoinduced Sodium-Doping Approach Journal article
Advanced Functional Materials, 2024,Page: 2402976
Authors:  Wang, Qingcheng;  Zhang, Tesen;  Cheng, Quansheng;  Wang, Bingzhe;  Liu, Yupeng; et al.
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Carbon Dots  Photoinduced Sodium Doping  Phototherapy  Red Fluorescence  Second Near-infrared Window  
Template-free Formation of Hybrid Dielectric for Flexible Capacitive Sensors with Wide-Pressure-Range Linear Detection Journal article
Advanced Materials Technologies, 2023,Volume: 8,Issue: 23,Page: 2301077
Authors:  Lei, Ming;  Ji, Bing;  Ding, Sen;  Liu, Ruolin;  Zhou, Bingpu
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Human-machine Interactions  Hybrid Dielectrics  Microcilia  Series-parallel Conversions  Wearable Sensors