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Title : Associate Professor
Institute: Faculty of Health Sciences
Research Fields: Novel Therapeutic Antibodies Development, Venom-based Peptide & Natural Biomolecule Prototype Drugs Development, Cancer Biomarkers & Immunotherapy Markers Discovery for Prognostic and Therapeutic Validation
Tel: 8822 4991
Office: (Office) E12-4006 / (Lab) E12-3071
Consultation Hours: Mon, Thu 10:00-11:00
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Prof. Kwok’s research interests mainly focus on the development of novel monoclonal antibodies and natural biomolecules (including venom-based peptides, plant-derived molecules etc.) as prototype drugs for anticancer and anti-inflammatory therapies. In addition, Prof. Kwok’s research group also expands their research and scientific knowledge in the areas of existing and novel cancer biomarkers such as 1) matricellular protein — OPN, 2) metalloproteinase — ADAM17, ADAMTS5 and ADAMTS8, 3) DNA replication licensing factor — MCM proteins, 4) small GTP binding protein — RAN and RCC1, as well as immunotherapy markers (e.g. PD-1/PD-L1) in order to identify and validate their prognostic and therapeutic values according to the roles in hallmarks of cancer and chronic diseases. For more details, please kindly further visit the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) Newsletter link — Principle Investigator (PI) Introduction Series and/or Prof. Kwok’s research group website as below:

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