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Title : Director of Centre for Science and Engineering Promotion
Institute: Faculty of Science and Technology
Research Fields: RF/Microwave Filters, Microwave Differential Circuits, Multi-functional Guided-/Radiated Wave Components, Phased Antenna Array, Materials Analysis Using RF/Microwave, Wireless Flame Sensor Network, Terahertz Science and Technology
Tel: 8822 4373
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Research Contents

  • RF/Microwave Filters
  • Microwave Differential Circuits
  • Multi-functional Guided-/Radiated Wave Components
  • Phased Antenna Array
  • Materials Analysis Using RF/Microwave
  • Wireless Flame Sensor Network
  • Terahertz Science and Technology

Honors & Rewards

2012-01-01 Third Class Prize of Technological Invention Award of Macao Science and Technology Awards
2011-01-01 UM Academic Staff Award
2009-01-01 Recipient of IEICE Communications Society Distinguished Contributions Award
2001-01-01 Recipient of Young Scholar Award of University of Macau
1999-01-01 Recipient of Best Poster Paper at the GAAS’99 conference held in Munich


2009-01_2009-12 Miniaturization techniques for microwave tunable circuits
2008-01_2008-12 Electromagnetic exposure research on WLAN net-wireless
2008-01_2008-12 Design of a miniaturized broadband RFID passive tag antenna
2007-01_2007-12 Electromagnetic radiation monitoring of mobile communication systems
2006-01_2006-12 Design and implementation of miniaturized RF/MW bandpass filter with spurious response suppression using defected ground structure
2005-01_2005-12 RF microelectronics for SOC – Elemental analysis and design of the reusable RF transceiver platform
2014-01_2017-12 Terahertz Wireless Front-end System using ZnTe-based Thin Film Structures for Multi-Gb/s Communications
2012-01_2014-12 Miniaturized and Multi-Functional Switched Beam Antenna Arrays for UHF RFID
2012-01_2012-12 Wireless partial discharge detectors for on-line monitoring of high voltage facilities
2009-01_2011-12 ZnMgS based UV flame detectors for fire-safety applications
2010-01_2011-12 Multi-layer multi-conductor transmission line and its applications to differential microwave circuits
2009-01_2010-12 RFID automatic circulation system for FDCT library
_ Wireless technology study summer camp
2007-01_2008-12 An integrated phased antenna array using indirect controllable phase technique
2014-01_2014-12 Research on 4G LTE mobile communications in Macao
2014-01_2014-12 Study on service-based pricing model for underground telecommunication ducts in Macao
2013-11_2014-12 Research on TV services in Macao
2013-11_2014-09 Study of underground telecommunication duct detection in Macao
2012-02_2012-12 Investigation assistance to Bureau of Telecommunications Regulation (DSRT) for CTM’s network interruption on 6 February 2012
2011-01_2012-12 Study of the needs of mobile communications operating on Light Rapid Transit (LRT) system in Macao
2011-01_2012-12 Study of mobile communication service billing in Macao
2009-01_2010-12 Study of RFID systems – standards, applications & measurements in Macao
2008-01_2009-12 Study of wireless local area network (WLAN) usage and security in Macao
2007-01_2008-12 Radiation safety study for 2G & 3G mobile telecommunication base stations in Macao
2007-01_2008-12 Indoor radiation evaluation and safety standard study for mobile telecommunication handset
2006-01_2007-12 Study on electromagnetic radiation safety of mobile telecommunications base stations in Macao

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