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Distinguished Professor
Title : Distinguished Professor
Institute: Faculty of Science and Technology
Research Fields: RF and Microwave Engineering, Antenna Technology, Applied Electromagnetics
Tel: 8822 4479
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Research Contents

  • RF and Microwave Engineering
  • Antenna Technology
  • Applied Electromagnetics

Honors & Rewards

1997-01-01 Asia-Pacific Microwave Prize Award
1996-01-01 Silver Award of Excellent Invention
1993-01-01 First-Order Achievement Award in Science and Technology from the National Education Committee in China
1993-04-01 Japanese Government (Monbusho) Graduate Fellowship


2019-01_2021-12 Low-Profile Wide-Bandwidth Microstrip Patch Antennas under Radiation of Dual Resonant Modes
2019-02_2019-12 Microstrip Patch Antennas with Improved Radiation Performance
2018-04_2018-12 Short-Open Calibration (SOC) Technique in Finite Element Method (FEM) for Accurate Modeling of Non-Planar Microwave Circuits
2017-03_2020-03 Numerical Calibration Technique for Applications in Full-wave Modeling and De-embedding of Artificial Electromagnetic Materials
2018-01_2020-12 Synthesis Design of Impedance Matching Network for Novel Wideband Filtering Antennas
2016-01_2019-12 Wideband Antennas on Multi-Mode Radiator: Theory and Approach
2017-04_2017-12 Novel Microstrip-Line Leaky-Wave Antennas under Fundamental EH0-Mode Operation
2015-04_2018-03 Studies on Compact Wideband Antennas Based on Multiple Mode Resonator
2015-01_2018-01 Balanced RF/Microwave Circuits on Hybrid Microstrip/Slotline Structure for Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Application
2014-04_2017-03 Metamaterial-Inspired RF and Microwave Integrated Circuits with Advanced Functionalities
2013-09_2015-09 Novel Multi-Band Microwave Bandpass Filters for Wireless Communications
2013-11_2014-12 Research on TV Services in Macao

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