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XU LIHU Associate Professor
Title : Associate Professor
Institute: Faculty of Science and Technology
Research Fields:
Tel: 8822-4429
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Research Contents

  • Stochastic Processes, Stochastic PDEs and Ergodic Theory, Probability Limit Theorems and Large (Moderate) Deviations, High Dimensional Probability and Statistics


2019-08_今 University of Macau University of Macau Associate Professor
2014-01_2019-08 澳门大学 澳门大学 助理教授
2013-09_2013-12 Boston College Boston College Research Faculty
2011-09_2013-09 Brunel University Brunel University Lecturer (permanent position)
2010-10_2011-09 TU Berlin TU Berlin Postdoc
2010-09_2010-10 Bonn Hausdorff Center for Mathemati Academic Visitor
2008-10_2010-08 the Netherlands EURANDOM, Eindhoven Postdoc
2007-09_2008-08 Bonn, Germany Hausdorff Center for Mathemati Postdoc

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