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Title : Head of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Institute: Faculty of Science and Technology
Research Fields: Power Electronics Power System Instrumentation and Measurement Smart Energy
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Research Contents

  • Power Electronics
  • Power System
  • Instrumentation and Measurement
  • Smart Energy 

Honors & Rewards

1999-01-01 IEEE Regional Activities Student Branch Membership Award for Outstanding Leadership and Results in Membership Development Activities
2000-01-01 Macau Young Scientific Award of Macau International Research Institute
2001-01-01 Young Scholar Award of University of Macau
2003-01-01 Second Prize of Tsinghua University Excellent Ph. D. Thesis Award


2002-01_2004-12 Study of a Common Platform for Series and Parallel Power Quality Controller
2003-01_2006-12 Research of Power Quality Improvement for New Academic Building in University of Macau (UM)
2004-01_2006-12 Power Quality Study in Macau — Commercial Buildings
2004-01_2006-12 Study of Soft Switching Techniques in 3-Phase 4-Wire Power Quality Applications
2006-01_2007-12 General Pulse Width Modulator for Three-Phase Centre-Split Multi-Level Converters
2006-01_2007-01 Study of a Three-Phase Four-Wire Hybrid Filter
2007-01_2007-12 Study of a Three-phase Four-Wire Soft-switching Three-Level Inverter
2008-01_2012-12 A Novel Electric Traction Power Supply System based on Unified Power Quality Compensators in High Power Applications
2009-01_2013-12 Integrated Generalized PWM Controller for DC-AC Inverters
2012-01_2016-12 Practical Implementation and Application of an Invented Patent “ a Capacitive Coupling Power Compensator”
2014-01_2017-12 Adaptive Hybrid Active Power Filters
2015-01_2018-12 Research on Hybrid Converters for Renewable Energy Generation Units connected to Power Grid
2017-01_今 Lego-Concept-Like Power-Electronics Controller - Mixed-Signal Chips and User-Friendly Interface (Phase 1)
2018-01_今 Industrial Platforms of Adaptive Hybrid Active Power Filters and their Application Problems

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