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DAI NINGYI Associate Professor
Title : Assistant Dean (Administrative Affairs)
Associate Professor
Institute: Faculty of Science and Technology
Research Fields: Power Electronics, Multi-level converter control, Power quality conditioning, Renewable energy integration
Tel: Private
Office: Private
Consultation Hours: Private
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Research Contents

  • Power Electronics
  • Multi-level converter control
  • Power quality conditioning
  • Renewable energy integration

Honors & Rewards

2015-06-01 Final Paper List for Best Paper Award
2006-07-01 A Merit Paper Award


2019-01_2021-12 Study Hierarchical Control in a Networked Microgrid Consisting of Inductive-coupling Inverters and Capacitive-coupling Inverters
2015-01_2018-12 Development of a robust controller for the capacitive-coupling voltage source inverter
2014-06_2017-05 High-voltage motor drive based on Modular Multilevel Converters (MMCs)
2013-06_2016-05 Application of capacitive-coupling inverter to integrate photovoltaic (PV) generation system
2011-06_2014-08 One-for-all socket for power quality conditioning and energy saving
2009-01_2013-12 A novel electric traction power supply system based on unified power quality compensators in high power applications
2010-01_2014-12 Integrated Generalized PWM controller for DC-AC Inverter

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