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Title : Assistant Dean (Student Affairs)
Associate Professor
Institute: Faculty of Health Sciences
Research Fields: Synthetic Chemistry, Nanoscience, Semiconducting Polymers, Luminescent Probes and Bioimaging
Tel: 8822 4928
Office: (Office) E12-3010 / (Lab) E12-1069
Consultation Hours: Mon 14:00-15:00, Tue 11:00-12:00
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Synthetic/Analytical Chemistry × Molecular Probes × Bioimaging and Sensing × Nanosensor × Nanomedicine

My research focuses on the development of chemical tools for biomedical research: (1) Synthesis of new molecular probes for targeted bioimaging/sensing and monitoring of biological processes; (2) Smart probes for theranostics and visualized therapy; (3) Nanoreactors and nanomedicine; (4) Abiotic synthesis in living systems. Chemistry is the central science. We use the knowledge of chemistry to resolve challenging problems in material sciences with the aim of biomedical applications.

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