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Assistant Professor
Title : Interim Associate Head of Macau Institute for Translational Medicine and Innovation
Assistant Professor
Institute: Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences
Research Fields: Chinese Medicines pharmacology, Cardio/cerebral vascular disease, Biomimetic nanomaterials, Gut-brain axis
Tel: 8822-4877
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Research Contents

•  Pharmacological research of Chinese medicines on cardio/cerebral vascular disease

•  Therapeutic strategies of exosomes or biomimetic nanomaterials for ischemic stroke

•  Gut microbiota study on neurocognitive disorder in the elderly with biased Chinese Medicine constitution

•  Functional foods for intervention of metabolic syndrome

•  Clinical trial of cardio/cerebral vascular disease and prediabetes


Dr. Yonghua ZHAO has abundant Chinese Medical experiences on the study and treatment of cardio/cerebral vascular disease. After he was awarded a Master of Science degree in Integrative Clinical Medicine in 2001, he worked in the department of emergency internal medicine as Physician in the First Affiliated Hospital of Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Subsequently, he received his MD degree in Chinese Internal Medicine from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. In 2004, he migrated to Macao and was recruited to be charge of Chinese Medicine pedagogical, research and clinical works by Macau University of Science and Technology. In 2019, he moved to Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences as Assistant Professor, University of Macau. Dr. Zhao hosted seven projects funded by The Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT) of Macao Special Administrative Region, one project funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), and one start-up research grant (SRG) and one internal research grant (IRG) of UM. He has published 57 SCI articles, which of the first or corresponding author account for 39.


2001-09_2004-07 Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Doctor
1998-09_2001-07 Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Master
1993-09_1998-07 Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine Bachelor

Honors & Rewards

2017-09-09 The 2016 Zhongzhu Awards for Life Science Recognizing Special Award in Teaching


2021-10_2024-10 The effects and mechanisms of Siegesbeckia orientalis extract exerting neuroprotective role by attenuating inflammatory injury after ischemic stroke
2022-04_2022-12 Annexin V-modified platelet-biomimetic nanomedicine for targeted therapy of acute ischemic stroke
2021-01_2024-12 The study of Shengui Sansheng San attenuating the exacerbation of blood-brain barrier disruption resulting from extending therapeutic time window for thrombolysis of tPA via the regulation of VIP/VIPRs pathway after ischemic stroke
2019-09_2022-09 The correlated study between the differentiation of Chinese medical “Constitution-Disease-Syndrome” and characteristics of gut microbiota and metabolomics in Macao elderly with cognitive dysfunction
2020-01_2022-12 The study of Chinese herbal pairs with activating blood protective efficacy on intestinal barrier by regulation of caveolin pathway in ulcerative colitis
2021-04_2024-04 The study on effects and mechanisms of Xingqun XiaSangJu intervention on metabolic syndrome based on regulation of gut microenvironment

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