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Cost-effective desulfurization of acid mine drainage with food waste as an external carbon source: A pilot-scale and long-term study Journal article
Journal of Cleaner Production, 2022,Volume: 361
Authors:  Yan, Jia;  Luo, Fan;  Wu, lingyao;  Ou, Yinglin;  Gong, Changchen;  Hao, Tianwei;  Huang, Lei;  Chen, Yongheng;  Long, Jianyou;  Xiao, Tangfu;  Zhang, Hongguo
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Acid Mine Drainage  Carbon Source  Food Waste  Sulfate-reducing Bacteria  
Recent advances in dissimilatory sulfate reduction: From metabolic study to application Journal article
Water Research, 2019,Volume: 150,Page: 162-181
Authors:  Qian, Zeng;  Tianwei, Hao;  Mackey, Hamish Robert;  van Loosdrecht, Mark C.M.;  Guanghao, Chen
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Dissimilatory Sulfate Reduction  Electron Transfer  Energy And Resources Recovery  Industrial Wastewater Treatment  Stress Responses