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'Pathology, Physiology and the Un-Dead: Medicine, Misdiagnosis and Vampire Fiction' Book chapter
出自: The Literary Vampire: An Edinburgh Companion, Edinburgh:Edinburgh University Press, 2023
Authors:  HUGHES, William
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Vampire  Pathology  Medical History  Physiology  Folklore  
Pandemic Heroines in the East and in the West: a comparative analysis of the female image-based anti-pandemic discourse in China and Italy Journal article
Philosophy East and West, 2023
Authors:  NEVIA DOLCINI;  Valle Veronica
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A Half-Tangent Phase-Locked Loop for Variable-Frequency Grids of More Electric Aircraft Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 2023,Volume: 70,Issue: 02,Page: 1576-1585
Authors:  Li, Guangqi;  Dai, Zhiyong;  Wu, Bingxuan;  Yang, Yongheng;  Huang, Jin;  Lam, Chi Seng
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Aerospace Electronics  Frequency Estimation  Half-tangent Phase-locked Loop  Large Signal Model  Phase Locked Loops  Phase Portrait  Power Electronics  Steady-state  Varying Frequency Grid  Voltage  Voltage-controlled Oscillators  
Is the Way I was Raised Linked to How I Love? Perceived Parenting and Implicit Theories of Relationships Journal article
Emerging Adulthood, 2023,Volume: 11,Issue: 1,Page: 74-87
Authors:  Wang, Ziying;  Chen, Wei Wen
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emerging adults  implicit theories of relationships  perceived parenting styles  single  
Air pollution and innovation-evidence from quasi-natural experiment of China’s Huai River policy Journal article
Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 2023,Volume: 60,Issue: 2,Page: 425-443
Authors:  Qiao, Zhuo;  Li, Zhaohua;  Wang, Yanzhi
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Air pollution  Huai River  Innovation  Patent  Regression discontinuity  
MicroRNA biomarkers of type 2 diabetes: evidence synthesis from meta-analyses and pathway modelling Journal article
Diabetologia, 2023,Volume: 66,Issue: 2,Page: 288-299
Authors:  Zhu, Hongmei;  Leung, Siu wai
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Meta-analysis  MicroRNA biomarkers  MicroRNA-regulated pathway  Type 2 diabetes  
Spatio-Temporal Graph Attention Network for Sintering Temperature Long-Range Forecasting in Rotary Kilns Journal article
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 2023,Volume: 19,Issue: 2,Page: 1923-1932
Authors:  Chen, Hua;  Jiang, Yu;  Zhang, Xiaogang;  Zhou, Yicong;  Wang, Lianhong;  Wei, Jinchao
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Forecasting in long-term horizon  multivariable time series  sintering temperature forecasting  spatio-temporal graph attention network  
Characterization and immunological activity of polysaccharides from two types of Dendrobium devonianum with different appearance Journal article
Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 2023,Volume: 223
Authors:  Cao, Wen;  Zhu, Baojie;  Zhang, Xuan;  Zhao, Jurun;  Li, Shaoping;  Zhao, Jing
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Chemical Characters  Dendrobium Devonianum  Immunological Activity  Polysaccharides  Saccharide Mapping  
MALDI mass spectrometry in food carbohydrates analysis: A review of recent researches Journal article
Food Chemistry, 2023,Volume: 399
Authors:  Wang, Junqiao;  Zhao, Jing;  Nie, Shaoping;  Xie, Mingyong;  Li, Shaoping
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Maldi  Mass Spectrometry  Oligosaccharide  Polysaccharide  Structure  
Binder Chemistry Dependent Electrolyte Reduction in Potassium-Ion Batteries: A Successive, Two-Step Reduction Way Journal article
Advanced Energy Materials, 2023,Volume: 13,Issue: 2
Authors:  Zhou, Wang;  He, Bingchen;  Quan, Lijiao;  Li, Ruhong;  Chen, Yuqing;  Fan, Changling;  Chen, Shi;  Xu, Chaohe;  Fan, Xiulin;  Xing, Lidan;  Liu, Jilei
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binder  interfacial chemistry  K + ions storage  kinetic transition  reduction selectivity