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Interactions of common scale inhibitors and formation mineral (calcium carbonate): Sorption and transportability investigations under equilibrium and dynamic conditions Journal article
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 2022,Volume: 215
Authors:  Liu, Yuan;  Kan, Amy T.;  Tomson, Mason B.;  Zhang, Ping
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Adsorption  Calcite  Mineral Scale  Scale Inhibitor  Transport  
Effects of natural and accelerated carbonation on the properties of lime-based materials Journal article
Journal of CO2 Utilization, 2021,Volume: 49
Authors:  Silva, B. A.;  Ferreira Pinto, A. P.;  Gomes, A.;  Candeias, A.
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Calcite  Carbonation  Lime mortar  Macrostructure  Microstructure  
Laboratory investigation of co- precipitation of CaCO3/BaCO3 mineral scale solids at oilfield operating conditions: Impact of brine chemistry Journal article
Oil Gas Sci. Technol. – Rev. IFP Energies nouvelles, 2020,Page: 83-83
Authors:  Zhang, Z.;  Kan, A.;  Tomson, M.;  Zhang, P.
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mineral scale  calcium  barium  carbonate  co-precipitation  
Magnetic Mesoporous Calcium Carbonate-Based Nanocomposites for the Removal of Toxic Pb(II) and Cd(II) Ions from Water Journal article
ACS Applied Nano Materials, 2020,Volume: 3,Issue: 2,Page: 1272-1281
Authors:  Wang, Penglei;  Shen, Tingting;  Li, Xinyong;  Tang, Yuanyuan;  Li, Yongjie
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Adsorption  Cadmium  Calcium Carbonate  Crystal Structure  Lead  Nanocomposites  
Magnetic Mesoporous Calcium Carbonate-Based Nanocomposites for the Removal of Toxic Pb (II) and Cd (II) Ions from Water Journal article
ACS Applied Nano Materials, 2020,Page: 1272-1281
Authors:  Wang, P.;  Shen, T.;  Li, X.;  Tang, Y.;  Li, Y.J.
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Nanocomposite  Pb  Cd  
Elucidation of Calcite Structure of Calcium Carbonate Formation Based on Hydrated Cement Mixed with Graphene Oxide and Reduced Graphene Oxide Journal article
ACS Omega, 2019,Volume: 4,Issue: 6,Page: 10160-10170
Authors:  Yaseen,Sarah Abduljabbar;  Yiseen,Ghadah Abdaljabar;  Li,Zongjin
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Synthesis of calcium carbonate in alkali solution based on graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide Journal article
JOURNAL OF SOLID STATE CHEMISTRY, 2018,Volume: 262,Page: 127-134
Authors:  Yaseen, Sarah Abduljabbar;  Yiseen, Ghadah Abdaljabar;  Li, Zongjin
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Graphene Oxide (Go)  Reduced Graphene Oxide (Rgo)  Calcite Phase  Calcium Carbonate